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I've been struggling with a break up from about a month ago. I blame myself for it and beat myself up for even thinking about it. I tried to let go but I just can't. We dated for little over a year and at the time I wasn't legally an adult. A year later my birthday came up and I turned 18. Her parents forced her to break up with me. I feel like it's my fault. I still love her. I know it's my fault

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Why is it your fault? From what you say it was her parents fault? x

Hi Grizzly1, i completely understand what you are saying. I have been up and down since my break up with my kids father. We met in 95 and broke up in 2013. Maybe we can help each other through it? I’m open to all different advice and view points from anyone.

Everything will be right on track man, Just give it time. I also had breakup (check my 1st post), I thought i would not be able to cope up with it, i cried and all. But everything is getting on track i guess. I am better then me 1 month before. Just give it time, don't think about her, even a little thought of her will pull you back. I am still trying to cope up with breakup, IDK how much time i will be needing to be completely normal as i have to forget my 2 years of college, but am hoping for the best.

Leave everything to time, time will heal everything. IK it's hard, try talking to more people, try doing something good.

hope you will get better,

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