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Is this anxiety? Please


Morning, need advice please the last three weeks I have been super in a fog can't focus even a little its kind of like I can feel the veins rushing in my head like it's not connected often lightheaded and dizzy super tired sleeping way more than usual a bit tingly and even some head twitching yesterday my led did a weird twitch nothing particularly stressful going on other than work is ridiculous thinking I'm letting it go but maybe I am anxious? I do have controlled epilepsy pap ran blood tests all ok waiting to get in to neurologist ,it is almost constant worse in the morning and early afternoon it will start back up in the evening if it's been a particularly busy day,,anxiety?more of a swaying e, no balance

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It is good to hear you have taken steps,already, to see a neurologist. Maybe he can provide you with some answers.

Dish1 in reply to Krazie

Ty much

It could be anxiety, maybe check with your doctor ! I think you will be okay

Dish1 in reply to pink83737

I would rather it's not! Thank four your input I think I will too🙂

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