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Seeking a little advice (newbie here)


Hi everyone! I just want to share what I'm feeling.. I don't know what's wrong with me but I feel sad for the past three days already.. I go to work but I don't wan to talk to anyone. When students (because I'm working in a school setting) are talking to me I tend to talk to them irritably.. I don't want to be harsh with them but I can't help it.

I guess this all started with my co-worker. I'm doing something but she's always commanding me to do a work she can do alone especially that she's not doing anything. I felt angry that time but I kept it to myself. I can say that my anger is shown through my actions because I'm throwing tantrums through loud bangs/noise, etc. I don't wanna feel like I'm a puppet or what because we're just the same. From that time on I felt guilty, sad but still angry..

Until now, I don't talk to anyone even at work and they don't also talk to me. I don't know if they can feel me being distant or they just don't care.

I know the problem is really with me, but what am I gonna do,...I can't help it.

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It really sounds like you have a lot of anger you are keeping in and that can cause a lot of problems, many like you are describing. It might be helpful to get into some counseling so you can openly discuss what is going on at work. There is a place you can call to talk to someone. For more information take a peek: Just don't do nothing, things will only continue to fester and you will continue having problems. Take care of yourself.

If you don’t report directly to this person then it’s OKAY to say NO! Or if you’re overwhelmed, ask her to help you. It should go both ways. Another solution is to just say I’m busy now and if i can get to it i will. If she doesn’t think you will do it in a timely manner, she will stop asking. But i truly would work on learning to say no. It’s empowering once you get the first no out! Good luck

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