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Tips for calming the physical manifestations of anxiety?


Does anyone have any helpful tips or techniques for calming the physical manifestations of anxiety? There are moments in a professional setting where my heart will start racing and my hands will start shaking when I need to appear cool and collected in front of others- I can’t step out to excuse myself gracefully and I need my hands to be steady. I usually try to pause for one or two breaths, nothing too obvious, then return to my work. The problem is my racing heart and shaky hands distract me from my work and I make stupid missteps getting ahead of myself and forgetting where I was. Then I feel like I look stupid or unprepared and it makes my heart race more. I feel like my cheeks are burning and I get so caught up in the distractions of what’s going on in my body that I totally lose my train of thought. Then I cannot perform to standards and I feel like a total failure. Trying to focus on my breathing hasn’t helped and I don’t know what else to do when these moments strike.

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I know exactly what you’re going through, try reminding yourself over and over again that your ok, remember that it will pass. try counting numbers look at objects in the room and count how many letters in the word it works amazingly for me I forget sometimes other people are in the room it’s great. Good luck.

Telling yourself as I do, lets do this thing and get on with it. I distract myself for a few moments by noticing things and that helps. Mine is also accompanied by PANIC.

I always find one thing per sense as it helps me feel grounded. 1 thing to touch, 1 thing to smell, 1 thing to taste, etc. You dont have to actually taste or smell it as long as you can imagine it. It works for many of my friends who have anxiety aswell.

I tried focusing on just my sense of smell last time this came up for me- in those moments I need my sense of sight and touch for the work I’m doing so I’m already hyper-focused on them. Concentrating on my sense of smell in an already familiar environment was just enough of a distraction to re-ground myself. Thanks for the tip!

Maggie, I have been there too!!! That is so hard. I have to practice scenarios at home and sometimes with a friend. The more I face it, the better I do. Also, trying to dissect the situation of the reality helps me too. I try to talk through my nervousness if at all possible, whether it is talking about something completely random or even talking myself through my work. I don't know if this helps you, but I hope it does. I wish you the best!

maggief9812 in reply to APOR2017

When the situation allows, speaking my thought process is 100% helpful! It helps me regain my confidence in the moment because my ability to speak and communicate effectively is something I feel good about. The way my mind processes it allows me to change the focus. I stop obsessing about my breathing or my hands shaking and then I’m just doing my work! Next time I can’t speak my thoughts, I may try mouthing the words to myself if I can get away with it.

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