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Today kinder

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Can you think of ways to be kinder to yourself?

Today to be kinder to myself I will:

Not pick at my imperfections

Appriciate my uniqueness

Put on lotion to take care of my body

Pray to take care of my soul

Repeat affirmations for my mind so eventually the kind words I tell myself will be more a true part of me

Anyone is welcome to name whatever you want to do in order to be kind to yourself ❤️

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Today I will be kind to myself, not put my self under pressure, meditate, feel positive, and ...... count my blessings xxx

So great Florida! I really like the not putting pressure on yourself. Sometimes I do it out of habit. Push pushing keep pushing for more then my heart whispers just be.

Love you girl xxxxx

Love YOU 😘

Morning beautiful xxx

Morning sunshine 🌞

In Scotland , you would love it xxxx

You are in Scotland!!!!? Why YES I would!

You would x

Today I will enjoy my work morning, and drive safely 150 Miles to see my best friend who has moved, I will walk, enjoy the bad weather and relax, and I have packed my book, love to all x

Sounds amazing

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