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Spiritual Conversations Related to Mental Struggles


Hi Everyone!

Sorry this took so long, to those who already let me know their interest in having a space where we could share how our faith helps us with depression & anxiety.

For any who aren’t aware of the situation, please refer to this post here on HealthUnlocked:


The post has been locked to additional replies, so I’m just posting it here for reference. If you’re interested in participating in faith discussions, please DM/PM me for the info & I’ll be happy to let you know how to join in.

Please know it’s open to any interests, of all faiths & beliefs, because it is not a space for evangelism, simply a space to feel free to directly talk about faith & it’s role in helping with mental struggles “without” offenses or penalties for just mentioning it.

Thanks so much! I hope to hear from you to move forward into peacefulness & healing!

Have a wonderful day!

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