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I started this internship at an Organization that helps deal with children living in Domestic Violence homes, abuse; physical and emotional, and other various things.. my question to you all is do you know your triggers? Bc i am still in the training part and we were learning all about rape and psychology and stuff like that and it sent me back and i had to get up and leave twice.. and had mini panic attacks.. so i hadnt known what any of my triggers were up until that point.. and I’m still a bit confused..

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I admire you getting in there to help people! Sorry to hear it brought a trigger. I have realized my mom is a trigger and I’m trying to help care for her. It’s... trying. I haven’t found a way to cope yet. (My guts say RUN AWAY, but that’s not an option) I’m really curious to hear how people manage in situations like these! Thank you for wanting to be a helper in the world!

Hello, I'm new to experiencing panic attacks and one thing that has helped me is I call my local crisis line. They've helped me get through tough moments when I'm at work and can't just drop everything. I feel like I have support in my back pocket at any given moment. Maybe there is a crisis line where you are that you can use too. Hope this helps.

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