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24/7 anxiety

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I’ve had some combination of depression and anxiety for almost ten years. I take SAMe, which usually works okay but I recently had to up my dosage because the past couple weeks, it felt as though it hasn’t been working.

I’m anxious and sad all the time and I’ve been having some low self esteem issues recently, which make things worse. Does anyone have any tips or OTC medication suggestions? I’m working a job where seeing a therapist is not possible.

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Maybe just go to your local health care clinic and tell them how you are feeling. They can write you a prescription for your anxiety and depression.

I've had anxiety for years & a major breakdown two years ago. Four weeks ago my anxiety went through the roof due to certain events. I am starting therapy & take Klonopin when needed, but I'm also taking SAMe to hopefully avoid a total relapse. St. John's Wort is also used for depression & I've never tried it, but it does tend to interact with certain meds so you need to do your research. I recently started taking Ashwaganda for anxiety & stopped all caffeine. I now drink decaf green tea, which contains an amino acid Theanine, which also helps stress. I did buy the Theanine supplement but prefer something natural. Holy Basil also helps stress, which I haven't tried yet but plan to. Make sure you research these things first. Deep breathing & my medication tape are essential to my coping. You can google "natural remedies for anxiety," but don't take a bunch of new things at once as you won't know what is working & what isn't or what might not agree with you. Chamomile tea or tincture is also soothing. Hope some of this works for you.

One more thing I forgot to mention is that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is extremely helpful in changing your negative thinking. If you don't want to buy a book, I'm sure you could find one at the library. There are worksheets that you need to do to gain the insight & change your thinking. I also find journaling really helpful; every day write down your thoughts & also why they might not be valid, how you feel, what you did, etc., & at the end I always write at least 3 things that I'm grateful for. It's amazing how much this all helps.

I get how you're feeling :/

I understand how you are feeling and hope you find something that makes you feel better. Have you talked to your health care provider to see if you have an underlying health issue of which depression is a symptom? That is the case with me. I have an underactive thyroid. Sometimes other physical issues can cause these feelings. I always discuss these with my general practitioner.

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Hey, thanks for the info! I actually do have hypothyroidism, but I’m on some medication for that. I’ll ask about it next time I have an appointment.

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You are welcome! Praying that you feel better soon.

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