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I've been struggling for the past two years in life, I refuse to get help from my close friends since they ignore what im going through. I cant make direct eye contact and classes are tough. My classmates think im weird or creepy, i hate making other people uncomfortable because of my severe anxiety. Does anyone know how to cope with this?? I was thinking of homeschooling to stop it.

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your not that un-usual kiddo.... a lot of us were considered nerds or weird cause we didn't fit into any pre-fabricated mould..and kids are jerks ...bully's, and just insecure about themselves too so they pick on others.... blow them off and celebrate your uniqueness...but to work on your feeling better about yourself and understanding would really help if you had a professional who understands and can diagnose and can give you a perspective to work with....I would suggest a therapist or talk to a school counsellor if you can.


You are not alone. Everyone struggles with insecurities. You should be kind and compassionate to yourself and try not to live to please anyone else. If your close friends ignore you I must question whether they are truly your friends. If you can't find anyone to share with perhaps you could join a community group or church - even your school counselor. It is important to discuss your feelings with a trustworthy person and not stuff them inside. If your parents support homeschooling then why not try it? I know several people who have done it and it was very successful. Good Luck.

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