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Treatment resistant depression


Hello. I have struggled with depression, anxiety, and complex PTSD due to trauma when I was age 11. Except for my two terrible feeling pregnancies which gave me amazing kids, I’ve been medicated since then and I’m currently 42. I’m also married for 19 years in an up and down marriage.

I’ve tried years of different modalities of therapy, EDMR, hospitalizations, acupuncture, massage, dietary changes, two full rounds of failed TMS, etc. I’m still barely moving along well enough day to day to do basic self-care. I’m seeing a treatment resistant depression team on Friday at a prestigious local university. I’m uncertain what to expect and what to think about some of their treatments.

Has anyone here had treatment with Ketamine? Or other novel treatments? I’ve run out of meds that are currently on the market.

Thank you for any feedback,


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Getting to see a treatment resistant depression team sounds exciting to me. I'm somewhat treatment resistant, but medication helps me a lot. I've read some about the ketamine. My psychiatrist joked with me about hurrying up and trying new therapies before they find they don't work. <grin> The ketamine sounds like it really works for some.

I have a google news alert for "depression brain science" to read about the new things that are being researched. There are big, new discoveries. It gives me hope that something will end up helping me in the future. You might get to try those things out before the rest of us. Cool.

Truly, I hope your team can get you some relief very soon.


Hello Rachel!

I’m so sorry about your childhood difficult to overcome. Is your marriage a bad/loveless one? If so, you might want to address that too in order to remove negativity from your life and move forward. Ketamine is a good drug when administered according to weight. The patient has to be monitored constantly with oxygen immediately available if needed along with appropriate intubation equipment fitted to that patient available also. As long as they’re prepared for an emergency ( if you stop breathing) then it’s safe. That’s for use in a conscious sedation. I imagine they take the same precautions in the procedure you’re referring to. Personally, I think it’s worth a shot as long as you know they’re prepared if something goes wrong. I wish you much luck and relief on your journey!

Hi Rachel -

I have a similar history with trying a lot of stuff but as yet, at 47, I have not found anything that really made an impact or didn't have side effects that were unmanageable. Ketamine is worth a try. I've met a few people recently who have had good results, although I personally did not.

I noticed that you did not include electro shock therapy in your list and didn't know if that was something you had considered. I am currently considering it after years saying no. partly because I'm running out of options but partly because someone I know recently admitted to me they had a history of suicidal depression until they had it done and it turned everything around for them.

I don't mean to say it's a magic cure or anything, for you or for me, but when this person described their symptoms and experience of depression, it was so much like mine that I've started looking at it again.

I just saw a story on the news about this last night and the success treating PST in military personnel. Please keep us updated on your progress. I've also been researching other not so mainstream options like Psilocybin and lysergic acid diethylamide. There are a lot of studies and successful stories out there. Good look Friday and I'm excited to hear your feedback.

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