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Learned a lot

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Hey guys, I attempted to commit suicide last wed. I was admitted into the icu for 4 days because of my condition, I overdosed and was close to death. I was then sent to Lutheran hospital to do impatient therapy. It helped a lot I got to completely relaxed got rid of all my stresses. No phones and your surrounded by wonderful people, if anyone needs to talk I’m here, I’m still not extremely better and I’m not aloud to work so I have a lot of time on my hands. I also have made a safety plan with my Counsler if anyone wants to make one, I meet with my psych dr today hopefully it does well

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hi im glad you survived and then got help life really is more precious.one day and one step forward at a time.all the best in your recovery.

Best wishes going forward

Katelan24, you were given the gift of life in going forward in helping others. You are

so blessed in getting the help you needed. I wish you well in having made the safety plan with your counselor. Good Luck with your psych appointment today. We're behind you xx

Glad you are okay. Keep up the positive attitude and remember these times when you aren't feeling so positive!

Keep fighting! You are needed.

Thank God you’re okay! I did the same two years ago and the care unit I stayed in helped me so much! I’m glad it helped you too. It was nice to be around people who I could relate with and I loved the activities and group therapies. I also worked with the psychiatrist onsite to get on a good medication. I was doing so well after I got out but I didn’t go to an outpatient program and tried to do everything myself. It’s so important to keep up with therapy after a suicide attempt. I’m really thankful you shared your story and we’re here for you too! Lots of hugs 🤗

As others have also said - I'm so glad you are ok and got help and rest. Wishing you continued healing and care and sending you much love and support. 💖

I'm glad that you're alive and well and you got the help you need. I wish you much luck on your journey.

What a great opportunity for you to reach out and help others who may be attempting suicide or who is going through similar struggles as you had. I'm glad you are ok and you are getting the help that is needed. I hope your experience will inspire and save people.

Happy to hear you are ok! Don't give up and keep fighting the good fight! You are not alone!

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