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Hi guys I need a bit of help/advice, a while back me and ex split up after many years together, have kids, now we still get on pretty good but she's met someone which has hit me a little, as she says she's trying to get on with her life and be happy, and she said yes there is feeling between them.

Problem being yea it hurts as I split the relationship up but I have have major feelings for her which she knows about, but how on earth do I accept it, it's so hard.

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Hello Tech40,

Getting on with your life is the best medicine! I understand how you feel. It hurts down to the depths of your gut, feeling horrible every time you think of that person. Crying whenever I felt the urge, which was every night after I put the kids to bed and I found myself alone. I think it helped me...I’m afraid that time and moving on is just about all you can do. You have to feel it. I know it’s miserable! I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. Love is a twisted thing, but we love to be in love...things will improve for you! Let her go and move forward, thinking positively as you go! Vent your feelings here. Much love and support here! I feel for you and am sending you hugs and support. Message me anytime if you want to talk/vent. 🌞🌷🌞

Hey @tech40! Breakups are tough on the mind, body and soul. We've all been through them. You may want to reach out to a trusted source like a pastor, counselor or friend. I've been taking sessions with a Christian counselor and really find a great balance between the practical and incorporeal. Here is a great article that you may find helpful on recovering from separation... bit.ly/2pdYBsF


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