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So yesterday I had a severe panic attack. But it was a weird one. The symptoms I had where none. Just a feeling of dread like I was going to die. Not even a xanax helped. I didnt have the heart palpitations, nor chest pain, no sweating, no hyperventilation no nothing just the feeling of dread. Just wanted to run and every fiber of my body just felt like something was just wrong. Like I wanted to go to the hospital. Like I was going to die. I was so terrified. After awhile it went away. My friend came over and talked me down and it just all went away. I was good for the rest of the afternoon I even went to a birthday party. But now I'm awake with arm pain and of course my mind is trying to trick me into thinking it's something more severe. But I probably slept on my arm I just dont remember. Right?

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I'm so sorry to hear you had that type of panic attack but glad that your friend was there for you. If you're having unusual pain in your arm or it's numb with pins and needles, I would recommend being seen by a physician as soon as you can just to make sure things are okay. I hope you feel better today and glad you reached out to us here.

Well I did speak with the doctor I work for he is a neurologist he told me it's a pinched nerve that I have in my neck. It makes sartain parts in my arm numb. Which I dislike

when I feel anxious , my left arm feels numb sometimes ... and also my face at times too . It stresses me out even more .

I dislike when that happens it scares me which makes me go into full on panic. Lately it has not happened thank God. But I did wake at 3 am with a headache. Which has never happened I think. It could be just stress.

I agree. Maybe see a doctor. What you went through sounds like a numb feeling. Maybe you froze up. It happens to me. I hope you feel better 🙏🏼

I do feel better thank you. So you get like that too? Wow.

Yes definitely. It’s a mix of feelings and can feel numbing. I started a new anxiety medication yesterday because of it. So definitely talk to your doctor 🤗

Yeah but I dont do meds they have a weird affect on me. And they made everything worse for me.

Do you have a therapist? That’s very helpful. If you don’t want medications, you can meditate, listen to nice music, watch a good show or movie, do some light yoga even at home and I recommend essential oils. I love them! I order mine from Vitality. You put them in a diffuser and it fills the room with calming scents. I’m always here if you want to talk!

Yes I've actually started doing yoga. Oh my lord is it hard I have no balance but I'm a keep on trying. I actually like it. The essential oils I did them once and haven't done it again. But I need to do it. Thank you

That is so cool!! I’m really impressed. My sister is a yoga instructor and she’s always recommending I try it. I heard it’s very good for the soul :) And yes, try the oils. I have them on now in the diffuser and I’m so relaxed 😌

So the yoga I've stretched every muscle in my body that I was sore for awhile. But I'm getting a bit better. I just want to feel at peace you know. I know I will. So have u tried the yoga.

That’s so ironic you asked because I just found an old dvd from my sister for yoga beginners. I am going to try it tomorrow morning. That’s great you’re keeping up with it. Remember you don’t have to do it everyday. I don’t want you to overwhelm yourself if you miss a day or two. It’s good your muscles are soar. That means it’s working! I love it ❤️

I did do it all weekend so today I'm a take it easy. I'm also not going to go to the gym. I'm feeling a bit anxious about that. But im ok.


Hi Espinoza!

I do believe that the politically correct thing to say is to advise you to see a doctor. My experience does tell me that my anxiety does trick me, as you say. I had chest pain at work this past Friday that made me have to stop, relax and breathe in order to continue. No chest pain since I’ve been off work this weekend. My blood pressure had risen to 190/110 (I have hypertension) my blood sugar was almost 300. I do believe it was pure anxiety as everything was crazy when it would happen. Distraction is so helpful when in this condition. Tell your mind to forget about it, distract yourself thoroughly, and if it continues, see a doctor. That’s my advice...wishing you peace of mind 🙂💐🙂

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Thank you. So where u able to relax after you blood pressure was high? Did you get it down?

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I didn’t take it again! My coworkers made me check at the time. I’m sure it came down...😉

Espinoza38 in reply to Hidden

Well yes it did come down it had to.

Hi Espinoza. Panic can wreak havoc with your body and your mind. I know the feeling of dread like you are going to die. It's good to have a friend that understands. Most people don't. Exercise may help when that feeling of dread starts.

Thank you

youve had arm pain in the past so i think its just a symptom of your anxiety. of course if youre concerned check with a dr. i get that feeling of dread without other symptoms. its awful. i guess its just an anxiety attack. it sits right on my chest and i just feel horrible fear.

Espinoza38 in reply to Rilo7268

Yes I've had several times where my arms hurt, or tingle. And I've asked my doctors all 3 of them and they have all told me the same a pinched nerve in my neck. And my anxiety. Thank God it's not my heart.

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