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I’m sorry to post this but I have to get it off my chest. Everyday, I read the newsfeed and respond to a lot of posts. I really try to give helpful advice and encouragement. Unfortunately I don’t post often. I have a few people on here that I message with though. I posted yesterday and to me, it was serious and I was expecting a bunch of comments. I’m not saying I deserve more than anyone else. I just feel a little sad and disappointed that I didn’t really get much advice or responses. I guess I kind of feel let down 😕

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I’m so sorry that you feel let down by us. I must’ve missed your post. I promise that I didn’t overlook it on purpose. I am going to go look at it now. Love you, girlie. We are all here for you & we do care. <3

MariaLove123 in reply to Hidden

Thanks. I’m just very sensitive lately. And I love all of you so much. I’m creating such great friendships so when I didn’t get much response I just kinda felt yucky. Thanks though love u!

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Oh, I get it! I’m a sensitive little bean too. I am always here for you, girlie! Stay strong! Love you! <3

Hey MariaLove123. I know what you mean about being sensitive. I'm the same way. Little things that never used to stress me out now seem like a catastrophe.

hey pal.... I am so sorry I was not there for you... I feel terrible you were left hanging.... I would never do that knowingly to you... I hope you know that .... I understand that feeling.... we are just wrecked sometimes and need the glue that our friends can be for us to put us back together here. I just wasn't here much and missed you. I'm here now.

I'm so sorry as well MariaLove123 that your post didn't get the responses you so needed.

We like to think that we cover everyone's concerns on the same day they write. Unfortunately, due to the demand of newcomers and posts, sometimes it happens that someone gets overlooked or not the attention they need. Should this ever be a concern please PM me anytime, I'd be more than happy to address your post. We do care xx

I’m so sorry you didn’t get many responses when you could have really used someone to understand, to wish you well. It’s disappointing. I do hope you are feeling better. Anxiety and depression are messing with me right now. I’m here with you and I I’m hoping we will learn something from this difficult time. I hope to be more patient. So now it won’t be in vain, that’s a good positive in the midst of emotional pain. Best to you, MariaLove123! Sending you 💕 love and ✌️ peace

Thanks Star ❤️ I know you’re always so sweet. I’m just usually in anxiety and lately I’m so depressed. It’s just not going away. And I’m trying to do things. I go to TMS Treatment everyday. But I just curl up and cry. I don’t even bother turning the tv on. I hope we both feel better. I’ll be sending my love to you xo 😘

My heart goes out to you. The anxiety can be so harsh as it is that we really need to get depression on top of it, right?

What is TMS?

Thank you for the love and I hope and pray we feel better soon.

I’m really glad btw that you are not bottling it up inside. I hope you take it one step at a time, I know I need to,and that you find beauty in your days.

Hey Star I had such bad panic attacks these last two days. And I got so many loving responses. I feel so grateful. You are always there for me and I want to thank you. TMS is a stimulator for the neuros on the part of the brain that has depression. It’s supposed to waken them but it’s a lot of dedication. You go everyday for 6-9 weeks. It’s a 20 minute session. I like many, have tried several medications and other treatments and came across TMS one day online. The success rates and stories are amazing. The first few weeks can be a little rough though. But I am really doing it. I hope you’re doing okay. Lots of love 💕

Hey there! Good for you trying out the TMS. Very best to you MariaLove.

I am glad you are grateful. I am too. There are so many positive things about us and around us yet we can get to not noticing them and take them for granted.

Wishing you a day filled with beautiful moments!!! 💕

Hi you didn't seem to be asking for any advice and I couldn't think of anything which was helpful so I didn't reply. Sometimes it just works that way. You did get a number of replies and more than some do. I understand what you are saying though.

Don't forget too that not everyone comes in every day so you might well have got more replies today and tomorrow. x

Just checked my latest post 6 days ago. I only got replies from 6 people which is only 1 more than you. I have been here for ages and have answered a lot in my time too. However I answer because I want to and it helps me to try and help others but I don't expect anything back. I hope but don't expect. I rarely post anyway. x

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I am sorry that I missed your post too, precious Bev. You’re always the one that helps everyone. I am going to go check your post as well. I do miss some of them. I don’t mean to. Love you & lots of hugs!!!! <3

hypercat54 in reply to Hidden

I don't know kayla - that's not good enough :D :p xx

morenews in reply to hypercat54

i know that you are kidding...this is why i put "like" there :)

hypercat54 in reply to morenews

:) :D x

forgive me my friend... I was off line mostly the last 1-3 days...I really apologize for not catching you, I always try to at least touch bases with my friends here....between the migraines and all the crap going on at home I haven't been on much like I usually am... I'm going over now to read your last post....

No you’re amazing. You always talk to me. I’m sorry for what you’re going through. I’m always here for you too. I’ll message you later xo ❤️

Oh honey, I'm just want to know how your doing and what's going on with you, I missed being there for you and I am so sorry, I'm here now.... my stuff right now seems to be spiralling... I can't do anything about it, I can only talk it out, and then get through it that way, cause you know the drill... we cannot control people places or things.... it is what it is... and it's up to us to figure out a way to deal with it and not let it make us nuts.... I'm still working on it...

New to forum today. Big hug. X

i am sorry! I am so sorry that i don't help and comment for you and to many more, i have to admit. I am trying to do what i can, and i have to admit it is not enough. sorry!

It’s ok. I know you have stuff going on. I just want us to support each other and I know we always do. I guess that’s why I felt that way. I hope you’re feeling better 🤗

it is always something going on with us, so it is not an excuse:) but i am better, yes, thank you!

I think that this is a good lesson for anyone that suffers from anxiety and/or depression.

It is easy to make up a story for how things happened. The next thing that we need to do is ask “is it true?”, “is it always true?”...

Many times we will find that our perception is just our story, and communication is often the problem. I like a concept that can clear some of this up; “the chance of getting what you want will exponentially increase by asking for it”. This has been a great help for me. I’m not good at mind reading, so I don’t expect others to be good at it either.

I did read your post, but it ended with; thanks for listening to a rant, I didn’t know if a reply was appropriate. I think that this miscommunication was an excellent opportunity for us to learn more about the importance of communication.

MariaLove123 in reply to gerg

Thank you gerg ❤️ I was just so deep in it and wanted support which time and again, everyone shows so much of it. I was being overly sensitive. I usually try to be positive and help others. It’s just an awful disease. You’re very sweet for writing. Thank you 🙏🏼

What was your post about Maria? I didn't see it x

MariaLove123 in reply to Lins345

Hey Lins sorry I was just saying how I couldn’t stop crying over little things and I was getting irritated about it. It was a bad day 😥 but I can’t get over all the love everyone is giving to me. Thank you ❤️

Dropping off Extra Love 💕 ❤️ 💗

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