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For the last couple of nights I can’t get back to sleep. I wake at 3:00 am after maybe four hours of sleep. My doctor has prescribed Luvox at bedtime which I just started taking a few days ago. I was taking Doxepin to help with sleep but she took me off it. Now I can’t sleep anymore! Please I need some advice. I’m scared and have so much anxiety over this.

I’m going to call my phychiatrist later.

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Have you ever tried any calming teas? Love, peace, joy, light, & hugs!!!

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No I haven’t. This has only been the last couple of nights since I started Luvox. I can fall asleep but I wake up around 3:00 am, I even take a .25mg Xanax tablet and no help.

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You should give it a try...they say warm milk with honey helps also! Love, peace, light, joy & hugs!!!

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