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Repeating Colors


You can spend hours in the black hopelessness, wanting to stop living and the whole world is falling apart around you. Then within seconds it turns into grey, the neutral feeling of just existing. Nothing especially bad or good, nothing sticking in your brain like annoying flies to a trap. And tomorrow’s sunrise will slowly bring some color back. Just to repeat again.

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Nice sunset where is the picture taken ?🌞

In Texas, and it’s actually my only picture of a sunrise 🌅

Beautiful words. Beautiful sun. Blessings to you Sadfacesushi.

Thank you Starrlight, I enjoy turning my thoughts into words.

Let’s start hearing more ,,,beautiful nature stories ✌🏼🧘‍♀️🐞🐝🦋🐦🌞

Of course!! One a day keeps the sadness away ☀️🌈🌹

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