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Work Issue


So, yesterday I was at work in a 15 month old to 2 years classroom and after breakfast time, the other teacher was cleaning the floor with a wet mop. I slipped and fell and sprained my thumb. I didn't report the accident until 3:30 PM. I filled out an incident report and then went on a wild goose chase going to get my thumb looked at. Through out the entire time I was texting my supervisor letting her know what was happening. Today I called off work due to the whole ordeal and was texting my boss about getting my eyes checked today as a condition for going back to work because my current glasses are all scratched up. I was so freaked out about the ordeal yesterday that I just kept texting her about everything that I had to do and what I felt about the whole fiasco related to the fall. Thankfully, the doctor said that my right eye is stable and my left eye has greatly improved since I saw her last. I automatically attributed the fall to my clumsiness and my vision issue (needing new glasses) , but now that I think about it, the floor was wet, I slipped and fell. The other teacher wasn't even supposed to be using a wet mop in the classroom when children were present. Accident aside, I have a serious issue texting my boss a novel when something is upsetting me. This has happened in other places too. However, in person I just say hi and leave it at that. We shall see what tomorrow brings. I hope that I don't get reprimanded or anything.

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Aren't our minds such wonderful tools? Here your mind conjured up all of these possibilities. And then, when you thought about it, it was a simple matter of slipping on a wet floor. I think that you have a writers mind.

Kakee83 in reply to Krazie

True that, Krazie! lol :-)

Update : I went to work today and around 11:00AM when I was in an infant room I threw up on myself. It went all over my jeans, shirt, and carpet in the classroom. How embarrassing... This has not been my week at all. I asked if I could go home and change my clothes and was told to go home and that they would see me on Monday. When I got home I took a shower right away.

Also, I didn't see either of the two teachers in the classroom where the falling incident happened. I hope that they weren't fired.

Krazie in reply to Kakee83

Yipes! Caught a bug or two, did you? Or was it nervousness? Sounds as if you have nice supervisors. Now you have nearly three days to regroup.

Kakee83 in reply to Krazie

Yeah... There has been a lot of sicknesses going around the preschool where I work. They are the best supervisors that I have had so far job wise. Thanks for your messages, Krazie. :-)

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