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Hello again, my beauties! Feelin' good? Are you ready to rock? Are you ready to roll? OK, let's do it! :)


Hey everyone! Brian here! Just a quick check-in to see how everyone's doing? We're rapidly coming to the end of another fun-filled week. August is just flying by, isn't it? Next weekend, for those of us in the USA, is Labor Day weekend. The sure-fire excuse to actually be lazy lol I'm just about at the halfway point of my radiation treatments. Tomorrow will get me over the halfway mark officially. 12 down, 13 more to go (that's through today only lol). Tomorrow, I plan on being here in the afternoon since I have an early appointment tomorrow (1:30 PM EDT). Then, THE WEEKEND! lol Better enjoy it while you can, 'cause in less than 30 days...…...Fall officially arrives! Time to sharpen up those snow shovels now. lol

Your friend,

Brian :)

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Summer FLEW by, yeah? Glad, cuz it’s been h.o.t. and fires have ravaged us again here. You’re halfway through my good soldier! Keep marching. You have nerves of STEEL. You’re a survivor. I guess we all are, if we’re still around, cuz everyone is fighting some demon. Glad to see you haven’t lost your spark, that spice, that twinkle in your eye, that thing that you have that’s so unique to you that we all adore. Thanks for letting us in. Every time I see your post I know I’m in for a treat! You know that Queen Innuendo video? That was so cool. Keep rockin’ brother!!

Brian, i could not read your post without smiling! thank you for that.

I hope you are feeling as cheerful as your post sounds?

wow, almost half a road is done for you. this is great, and i hope it would not be so bad. and weekend is soon for a break for you.

thank you so much for being you!

Yes! Thank you Brian for being you. What a beautiful thing to say. Love it. How is it that something so simple can be so profound? Because truth is simple. Not complex. Love is simple. Friendship is so simple. It’s when we think getting to happiness is complicated that we go wrong.

bridder01 in reply to morenews

Hey, if you can't have a little fun in life, then why bother? Say what you want about life, but there's one thing it isn't. It isn't dull lol.

Q: What do you call a person who's afraid of water?

A: Dirty

morenews in reply to bridder01

LOL. wonderful you!

WOW Brian I wish I had your energy, and with having Cancer? You sound like a positive person which is what you need to be, wish you the best and I'll pray for you.

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