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Unmedicated and struggling.


So my psych took me off my anxiety meds and I’m finally through my withdrawal but now my anxiety/depression/SI is so much worse. I can’t do anything I can barely work. It takes me hours to get out of bed but I’m not even doing anything I’m just staring at my phone being anxious and depressed. Anybody have any non medication suggestions or natural medication suggestions to combat this?

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I’m so sorry you are struggling. Mornings are the worst for my anxiety and I too am sitting here staring at my phone as I feel my anxiety mount over every negative thought I’m trying to fight. However, this cycle usually breaks once I’m up and moving and have a plan for my day.

I also successfully weaned off my Zoloft several months ago after being on it 10+ years and doing great. This was 3rd time I weaned off (been on Zoloft 20+ years). Within 6mo of weaning off, my anxiety came back with a vengeance. This has happened to me in past with weaning off, but never to this extreme.

I ended up back on my Zoloft with Benzodiazepine added and occasional Klonopin for nights I can’t shut my negative thoughts off. I also see a psychologist weekly for therapy. It’s been over 2mo and the progress slow, but I’m hopeful I will get back to the old me.

Everybody is different in their need. My daughter also has anxiety, but she manages it with meditation, exercise, and wonderful support group of friends. My anxiety is much more intense and my body chemistry needs medication to balance it like a diabetic needs insulin to balance blood sugar.

You aren’t alone and I hope you get some helpful tips here, but please know if the anxiety and depression become too much to bare there is no shame in reaching out to your doctor for help.

Keep us updated on how you are doing. I wish you much success and brighter days to come.


Great morning

There is no easy way to combat it without working hard, forcing yourself and never giving but you can start easy.

First do you know what’s bothering you, bringing you down and making you feel the way you do?

Look in the mirror and tell that person you love them and give them a hug.

Start with setting yourself a morning schedule. No matter how crappy you feel get up wash your face smile to yourself eat something go for a walk do something productive at home.

When you see someone on the street say good morning with a big smile.

Um I can say a lot more but I think I’ve overwhelmed you.

Stay strong


I’m off of my anxiety and sleep meds too as the powers that be are incredibly anxious to get the world off benzodiazepines and narcotics. At least all the ones that need them! They were giving me Atarax for anxiety, but it aggravates my Restless Legs syndrome so I don’t take it. I wish I had some good advice for you, but I don’t. Hang in there and maybe try some relaxation exercises...wishing you the best!!

Why did your psychiatrist have you stop medication? Are you detoxing from one and eventually switching to another, or stopping meds all together? I find that on anxious mornings, something that helps is watching a funny movie or a show I love while I get ready, just so my mind has something else to focus on. An early morning walk also helps me a TON. Get outside, get your bare feet in some grass, look at the sky. Those two things help a lot for the morning. I hope things get better :(

She just said she read some reports about people blacking out on it (even though I never had in six years)so she took me off it (and told me if I didn’t like it to go find another dr) and isn’t replacing it so

I'd try a bunch of other remedies since medication isn't an option for you right now. But if you get to the point of not being able to function, I'd get a second opinion from another doctor. Maybe there's a medication similar to the one you were on that would be a safer bet. But really ALL medications have side effects risks. I'd try everything you can do on your own first, but if you feel like you were better off with medication, maybe try a new doc.

Yea I am looking into other drs. It’s hard to get in in my area so I’m keeping her until I find a new one

That makes me upset ! My doctor gave me Ativan -60 ,1mg pills and told me if I used them up in less than 1 year he would never prescribe them to me again and we’d be having a discussion about addiction. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP. My husband walks out of the same office with enough narcotics that he could start his own pharmacy and he had high blood pressure and is an alcoholic. There is a large body of research and the prevailing thought right now is that the fastest growing group of addictions to prescription drugs are middle aged women. So.... we all have to suffer ??

Try some things on your own but if you are suffering get another opinion , it’s your body and life.

Hi legallystressed, congratulations...actually you went through the hardest part in weaning off your medications. I know that's hard to believe right now. The symptoms will be there for a while until your brain heals and learns to make the chemicals it needs naturally. The difference with these symptoms are that each day is bringing you closer to being yourself once more.

This is the time to look for other tools/methods in replacing the pills. When I had gotten off 30 years of benzos, I looked into other methods in calming my thoughts, the adrenaline and fears that would slip in now and again. For me, I found that Meditation/Relaxation/Self-Hypnosis/Visualization/DeepBreathing and Mindfulness work just as well as a pill and can work just as fast with daily practice.

Don't give up, you've come far. That was quite a journey for you. Believe in that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer for you. My best to you xx

Thank you! 30 years wow! I was on klonopin for 6 years and I thought that was hard. Good for you!

Great job! Don’t sit and suffer in the morning, when I wake up I use a meditation app for 20 minutes, mindspace-anxiety/depression. It gives you great tools to deal with the thoughts. I suggest you download the app and get started. It’s very helpful and can be used through the day. There are other apps because mindspace has a yearly fee.


Buspar is a non benzodiazepine anti anxiety drug, maybe worth giving a try!

legallystressed in reply to Hidden

Thank you! I will look into that

My son had a terrible anxiety few years ago.It was severe and with OCD tendencies.I googled the symptoms and the only solution there was medication.As I knew that we will not be choosing this route (I have had the experience with panic attacks and medication and the whole journey of trying to come off if),but the only other solution at that time was talking therapy.Therapy help my son immensely,however,we later discovered inositol (vitamin B8).It was the life saver.My son had his GCSE’s this year and still feeling good (he was anxious few times,but not as severe and disabling as it was before).

Best NON medical is get OFF of your phone and the computer. OFF.

Hit the library, hang out there, bake something for the care home in your area.

Clean your house, do your laundry, fold your clothing, put everything away.

Make a meal for yourself in your kitchen and then clean it up and put everything away.

Make it a game............but get it done.

UP and out of bed, hit the ground with a mission.

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