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i feel so depressed tonight


hi everyone, i just came back home from a weekend outing with my closest best friend who lives in another city. we had such a great time.

however i feel extremely lonely and sad now. i think it’s because i miss having someone i love by my side and going out doing fun things with them. i’m alone and many bad thoughts go through my mind - of my ex cheating, of all my failures, etc. when i was out for the weekend with my best friend, i felt so happy that i didn’t think of any negative thoughts.

even worse is that for the next four days, my parents will be working so i’ll be studying in my quiet home all alone.

i feel like i’m in so much pain (similar to a heartbreak). i don’t know why i’m feeling like this. i used to always be happy and have things to look forward to. i want to feel like that again. can anyone please give me suggestions to feel better?

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I understand how you feel. Feeling the same

littleorange8 in reply to barb08

i don’t know why i’m suddenly feeling like this nor how to feel better. i wish i could just disappear

barb08 in reply to littleorange8

I understand. I would love to disappear. But i try to keep pushing forward its not easy alot of days but I try. I am going back to counseling myself.

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When you are around people and in situations that give you joy or pleasure it releases chemicals in the brain. So your brain is coming down from a natural high. It’s something we all must cope with. It takes patience and isn’t fun.


Exercise might help release some endorphins.

littleorange8 in reply to Hidden

it does help but i can’t exercise everyday..

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Yeah that would be counterproductive. I wish I had more ideas.

It's wonderful to hear that you had such an awesome weekend. It is sad when someone you care for lives so far away. (My kiddo, and grands live far away, and when they leave it is really hard on me too).

Your happiness this weekend was I'm sure a welcome blessing, and a good distraction that helped block out the negativity. Negative thoughts have a tendency to creep in when our minds are sitting idle for too long, or we're continuously focus on just the negative things, so it's important that we try to do things to keep our minds distracted elsewhere, and preoccupied with other thoughts away from the negativity in order to try to keep it away.

Perhaps you could Skype or Facetime more often with your friend? Also instead of sitting home alone while you're parents are gone why not get up, and get out for an hour or so each day that they are away. You could go to a local coffee shop, a book store, a museum, go see a movie, go to a restaurant, the park, church, or just get out and take a walk in a mall to do some window shopping or something. Sitting at home alone is going to make you more depressed, and allow the negativity to be creeping in on you.

I know you probably feel like you need to stay home and study, but even that will be difficult if your mind keeps venturing off to other things, so an hour or so a day shouldn't take away too much of your study time, and it will probably actually help raise your spirits, and make you feel better. Who knows you might also make a new friend or 2 while you're out there, and then you'll have someone locally to be able to hang out with, but you for sure won't meet them sitting inside the house. :) Good Luck. I hope you feel better soon.

thank you for the caring reply :) your ideas were very helpful and i will be trying your advice

You are welcome. Good Luck and Keep us posted on how you're doing.

I'm so sorry that you're feeling this way tonight. It's understandable that you had such a great weekend but now feel depressed. One thing that can help you is to think about all the great moments of your weekend. When you think about something, try end extend the feeling for as long as you can and absorb every ounce of its goodness. This will make you feel good in the moment and it is also a great way to start rewiring your brain. Relishing in good and happy thoughts will do this. I hope you feel better soon.

hi everyone, i am feeling a lot better today after calling my best friend before bed last night. however, i still have negative thoughts going through my mind that ruin my day (ie what if my best friend finds another friend, what if my ex starts dating again). i was wondering how to fix this? i don’t want to rely on calling my best friend everyday..

Sorry you are going through this! I understand. Calling your friend was helpful, which is wonderful, yet it sounds like you want some other new tools in your toolbox so you could pull them out to fix other times you are feeling anxiety? I am reading a new book which has been helping to do that. You might want to check out Anxiety Cure by Archibald Hart. Hope this helps!

hi there, glad you are feeling a bit better after talking to your best friend. have you consider talking to a counsellor or therapist about the occasional negative thoughts that crept into your head? sometimes through counselling or therapy, you might learn some coping mechanisms that help you to swim through negative thoughts when they hit you. hope this helps! praying for you. God bless...

no i haven’t seeked counselling yet. i will do it in september when my insurance plan starts!

Sounds like a good idea! Blessings and prayers to you today! Please keep posting and seeking help and the Lord.

Try dialectical behavior therapy. They have dummies books for it.

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