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Only 2 days into school and I'm already more anxious and stressed

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Just started back school and im already panicking. I have little things happen to me like chest aches or i cough and i worry im dying or very sick (ik im being silly). I just feel alone around these people

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Are you in high school or uni

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High school, im a junior

I’m sorry sweetie, I’ve seen other high schoolers post on her about their anxiety and my heart hurts for you and them. If you get really upset you can go to the school nurse or counselor and calm down. I hope over time you adjust and don’t take your bodily functions as signs of an illness. I’ve had health anxiety too, and still do here and there so I understand how it can be so scary. Keep telling yourself it’s ok, you are ok and take a couple deep breaths.

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Thank you very much

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Great advice! Love & Hugs for a beautiful day! XXX

Oh boy can I relate to you. Take slow breaths in through your nose , then out through your mouth. Concentrate on that. It will help you. Stay strong & proud for you, not in an arrogant way. Feed the positive thoughts into your mind. I believe in you, you can do this. Fight the good fight with all your might, precious one!!! Love & Hugs!!!

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