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I have failed at me, failed at fighting this illness which is new to me, failed at controlling myself, failed at being grateful to God, failed at keeping relationships, failed at not letting people's opinions of me getting to me, failed at knowing my purpose, I mean what is the point of life them, I literally don't add any value to life, to the world, no value at all

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Am sorry for the negativity

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You are not alone. I know I felt the same way.

Its never too late to change what you think you did wrong. Life can be so stressful at time and it can cause us to make wrong decision. Don't blame it all on you and stay positive. Believe in yourself and believe in God. Best of luck and well wishes for you. Stay strong xoxo.

it's a hard place to be in...and it's a hard fight to get out of that feeling..... but what seemed like complete failure to me.....loosing everything,...really everything in my life at the took some time and regrouping....a lot of tears and some anger.....but there can be a way..... you just haven't found it yet.... keep sharing about it and we can all find a way, many here are in the same boat....a little leaky, but one leak at a issue at a time....until your afloat again.....hang in there.

I am so sorry you are feeling like nothing is going right for you! Many of us feel this way at some time or another. It's why we're here to support each other.

Are you seeing someone to try to help you through this? Family and friends are great, if you can talk to them but I know sometimes that isn't possible. A therapist can have an outside view of you bc they don't really know you like others do and can bring some things to the table that could help you feel your worth again!

I know I had to start seeing one bc I felt like no one really truly understood what I was feeling or going through. He has given me a new prospective on many aspects of my life and coping skills with cognitive therapy that I knew nothing about.

Believe in yourself and your ability to feel better and try to think of at least 1 positive thing you do everyday! Prayers and hugs to you xoxo

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Afaaf in reply to Tutumama

Thank u, family and friends don't understand and aren't there most of the time but yeah thanks again

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Lakewolf in reply to Afaaf

Afaaf, you only fail when you give up, then keep it to yourself.

The fact that you’re on here talking about it means that you haven’t failed.

You’re better than that...and you are NOT a failure!

I know you are.

Just keep talking, ok?

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You're welcome. Mine never have really been either so I just don't talk to them about it. My therapist has helped a lot but I've been on antidepressants and anxiety meds for years before ever seeing a therapist.

Maybe look for one in your area who you can talk to without judgement and keep coming here, everyone is really helpful and you can build some lasting friendships on here of supportive people as well!

...and you add more value to peoples’ lives than you could possibly know.

You do not know me, but I don’t mouth platitudes to make people feel better. I tell it like I see it...and if I thought you were a failure at something, I would message you...and give you advice on how to change your behaviour.

It’s one of the benefits of having lived to age 60 (minus two months.😉.)

I'm really sorry about how you're feeling and I know it must be very difficult. But you have to remember that failure is an event, that's all. YOU are not a failure We don't succeed without failing and that's the truth. In fact fail stands for:





From how I see it, the failed events in your life are proof that you are continuing to try and that's what we need to do to get through the tough times. I know you're probably tired but I can tell that you also are a fighter. So why don't you give yourself permission to take a break and then you can continue your journey with us as your support. We're all on your side💞

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