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New to Treatment & Sertraline


Hi there, I'm new to this site and also to treatment! I have had manageable anxiety and depression in the past but in recent times they have both gotten progressively worse mainly due to physical symptoms of other possible problems. My GP has now prescribed me with 50mg Sertraline tablets and given me the talk on the effects it can have on the first few weeks, and I wondered if anyone here could offer any further advice on how to take it and cope with the first few weeks? I'm due to see the GP again for a review at the end of the month.

One question in particular for anyone who is/has been on Sertaline is what time do/did you normally take the tablet? I'm aiming to use it in the morning, as I've read it could sometimes cause further sleep problems when taken in the evening. I'm quite nervous about starting it, and it doesn't help that my family are quite unsupportive with this whole ordeal, but I knew I couldn't go on without seeking professional help any longer.

I hope your symptoms have been easy on you, always remember it's not your fault mental health problems are difficult and you are not weak or a burden for having them! Stay strong <3

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Taking it in the morning should take care of any possible sleep side effects. I wouldn't worry about them in general. This class of meds has many fewer side effects compared to older tryclclics. Let us know how it goes and try not too worry too much in advance!

Hi there.

I had been on 50mg of Sertraline for years. I decided to wean off about 7mo ago. Weaning off was hell, but I did it successfully. Then..... I was knocked sideways by major financial and life changes and started experiencing the worst anxiety I’ve ever had in my life. My doctor put me back on Sertraline about 4 weeks ago. I’m now on 100mg and I do take it in the morning as that is when my anxiety is at its worst and as I weaned on, I could feel it working.

A few things to know about Sertraline is that you do need to wean on. If you take too big of a dose without letting your body adjust slowly, it can actually cause worse anxiety. It also takes 4-6 weeks to get full benefits of the medication so if you aren’t noticing any difference in your symptoms after a week, be patient. You will start to notice little by little as the medication builds up and helps with the brains serotonin levels.

Overall, this has been an excellent medication for me. It, along with therapy, helps my anxiety tremendously .

Keep us updated and let us know how your doing.


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