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General anxiety disorder

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Hi all,

I've had GAD for as long as I can remember and was recently prescribed Citalopram. I have never used meds. I've always preferred self medicating with marijuana but I'm pretty sure this is not working out for me after all these years.

What are your experiences on this medication? I'm so tired of being anxious all the time but also scarred sh!#less of using an actual medication.

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I have been on Celexa for two years and it has been a positive experience for me. I’m taking the highest dose. It took a while to feel the effects, a month maybe? But, I knew it was something I wanted to keep taking when I noticed a few differences in my personality in anxiety.

How long have you been taking it? It can take a month to really be effective. If it’s doing a bit of work, maybe ask for a higher dose?

My anxiety is still present, I cannot lie. However, therapy and other meds have helped ease this. Mainly Klonopin. However, this was for severe anxiety attacks and I do not reccomend you take hardcore narcotics for extended periods due to addiction and such.

The only side effect I have, hopefully this will make you laugh, is the yawning! I yawn constantly! It isn’t even from tire! I just yawn and it feels so...incomplete. Not a good yawn! I can get jittery if I miss a dose, energetic even. If I miss a few days, I notice I get negative and very anxious about everything.

Remember, meds aren’t there to hurt, but to aid. If you feel worse or suicidal, stop taking these meds and call your doc ASAP! Also, remember, it takes, like, less than forty seconds to take a pill and move on with your day.

Would you feel this way, regardless if it was Citalopram or some other antidepressant/anxiety, if it was given for high blood pressure or diabetes? You’d take it, yes? Same thing. Don’t look at it as you taking meds for a mental problem, but rather a medical condition, to help you, to keep things in line. Surprisingly, a lot of folks take medications.

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Thanks for all the unfo! I haven't tried any medication yet. You are absolutely right about the med/illness standpoint. I have no idea why I'm so against the pills. I'll keep all this in mind. Thanks again for your time

I was on citalopram for 5 weeks when I was first diagnosed. I had a lot of trouble sleeping on it so I changed to fluoxetine

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Thanks for the input!

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