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How do I cope when I' m already drowning


When did my depression start...when did i become a recluse...when did i stop socialising..losing weight...sleeping when its light...awake in the dark...crying inside..slowly dying..

Is this the monster depression...not wanting to get up..thinking of getting dressed then crawling back into the fetal position because you tired from just thinking of getting up and dressed..

Negative thoughts..the world crashing down on you..was it always this way? No..i used to smile..laugh...

When did it stop...

Shock upon shock..i know..see a psychologist..not that easy...sitting in an overpopulatedroom all day..waiting....i CANT..I'll lose my whole being is screaming for HELP but nobody is hearing my voice

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If you can't see a professional, google depression support groups in your area. It helps me to get out and get out of my head.

Are you on any medication? It helps somewhat, at least to keep from feeling the real lows. It also might help you with your appetite.

You are not alone in this fight, friend. Trust me, we are all here for you. Your voice is heard here. Depression is a terrifying monster and it feeds upon our state of mind. Do not let it takes over you. I know that it's insanely hard but as long as you wake up in the morning, it's another chance to regain your life. Don't give up, always bounce back. Please know that it will always get better if you stay strong. Please do share more of your experience here, if you want to. It will help you feel better to get all the feelings out. I wish you all the best. Stay strong, stay tough and keeps on fighting. You can do it. Good luck :).

Hey...We hear u :) Depression is an awful experience....been there many times my friend but please remember...nothing lasts forever....I have come out of major depression before...and so can u :) Sending love...x

I hear you and wish I could save you. Hopefully typing that to us was therapeutic. You have the resources to lift yourself up but I know it feels too hard right now. Stay with your pain a little while. It’s ok. When you feel like it, and not before, take a nice hot bath, get dressed, open the window coverings, tidy things up, eat some favorite foods and reach out in love. I’m sorry you’re sad. It’s frustrating and it hurts. You’re not alone. 🤗 For now it’s your time to be sad. It won’t last forever and you’ll discover things about yourself and life you would never have without being where you are right now. Don’t listen to quick fixes. There truly aren’t any. You’ll know when you’re ready.

I know exactly ow you feel

Suzie..a problem shared is a little me..there are issues that caused this emotional state. Sometimes the problem can be resolved..other in my need to live with it..learm to cope..that is the hard part...theres no escape..only acceptance that really cant just hapoen...if ever....Some things in life are more difficult than losing a loved one..I Pray that you will feel better soon because I dont wish what im experiencing upon top it the most sensitive person you can think of...sometimes i wonder if im tired from being ill or ill from being tired. I did have some bloodwork the beginning of the year..full blood count...glucose etc..but it was all cleared

It does get better. Little by little with setbacks here and there. But slowly, with help. You will get better

I hear you,your isolated and need to interact with people,here is a good start ,we are all members of the club good you’ve posted and hope you carry on🙋🏻‍♂️

I understand this feeling you are describing, it’s like a black hole that just devours you. Depression can make you believe crazy things and it can make you forget everything except for your pain. Sometimes you feel like there just isn’t a reason to go on. But I want you to know that I care about you. I am in no way a medical professional for advice and in no way close to being recovered from my own issues, but personally I’ve found art to be a great outlet. You have a fantastic voice, description, I could feel your pain in the typed letters of my computer screen. I could sense your urgency, hopelessness and that is a gift. If you have ever been interested in writing/singing/acting anything like that you should try it out. The pain you experience and the way you express yourself could save someone else and it might help you feel better. Or even just art as a distraction like trying out painting or cross stitching. Or trying volunteering. Anyways those are just things outside of therapy/medication that I personally have tried and have worked for me.

Oh and feel free to message me or whatever! I am always here to listen to anyone on this board.

yep that describes it well

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