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I’m currently going to counseling trying to find away out of the dark places. I’m functioning and smile and do all my daily things but then there are days when i shut down. Like the pretending to function has worn me out. I feel a lot of times I’m just feeling sorry for myself wishing things were different, wishing i had the drive and determination to better my life. I’m looking for a place to go when moments like this happen. It takes a lot out of me to be up beat nd social but at the same times i feel lonely and wishing for the loneliness to go away.

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Try not to think of it as “pretending” to function, but as true functioning and pat yourself on the back! It does wear us out, but it’s ok. Take baby steps. When you’re feeling sorry for yourself, exercise gratitude for all of your blessings and proceed to getting out of yourself. Helping someone else is a great way to do it. Gratitude blocks self-pity. Think positively, seriously!! Wishing you the best!!

I am sorry you are struggling. I am glad you reached out on this forum. We understand the struggles of depression and how much it affects our life. Everyone here is very encouraging, supporting, and loving. Knowing your not alone is helpful toward the healing process. I am glad you are going to counseling. For me counseling wasn’t enough. I first had to find the right medicine. I never wanted to take medicine, but at the same time I hated to feel like I was constantly in darkness and there was no way out. I would go out with friends want to feel happy, but just couldn’t. The doctor explained to me that I had a chemical imbalance in my brain. Once I was able to get more balanced then after time therapy began to work and I learned what my triggers are. I also learned that medication for depression is like medication for a diabetic, without it your body does not function properly. With the right counseling and medication you will start to feel better. I will be praying for you. Please let me know how you are doing. Lots of Hugs!

I am sorry you are feeling alone and like you have to fake a normalcy. While it is good to correct negativeness by speaking positivity to yourself, it isn't faking it as much as correcting your self image. I am glad you are in counseling, keep it up. It is good to have some days where you rest and just are happy to be alone, but also good to be with people who inspire and encourage you, the amounts depend on whether you are an introvert or extrovert. I have found that taking magnesium and ginseng at night helped me a lot, they calm the mind body and spirit and get rid of sticky negative thoughts the loop around in the mind. B Complex is great in the mornings for energy and focus, daily! Also, getting outside, laying on the grass to get grounded and breathe in fresh air, looking at stars, these things help a lot too. Our environment helps or hurts our mental health and physical health. Speak aloud positive truths to counteract the negative thoughts and things said to us. Call those negatives a lie and correct them to yourself. Protect yourself from those who put that added stress on you and go out and do new challenging things, take classes, go t meetups. Learn new things, meet new people, it will get you out of the pit. Also, Volunteering helps us get our of our own misery to help others, which helps us also. Hope this helps you, blessings!

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