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I need some advise. I have been miserable since I left my job 9 months ago and took a job that is making my days even worse. Anxiety and depression are terrible when I get up for work and even in the evening when I think about going back. I was offered a job at a better organization and although it is a similar population that I will be working with it seems I will have more resources,support and ability to have positive connections with people. I decided to take the job because I want a chance to not feel like this anymore. I now found out that a friend at my 1st job is leaving. I applied for the job a while ago and found out that she put in a good word for me and I may get an interview. It is very similar to my first job and at the same organization that I loved. What do I do? I accepted this other job but really really would love to be in the job my friend is leaving. I don’t want to burn bridges and be left with no job. I also can’t continue like this. Advice would be so appreciated.

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Hi there, this is quite a tough situation, I think it's best to work where you love as it will help so much with how you are feeling. However, it is important to make sure you secure a spot at the job that you prefer first before leaving the job that you just accepted for the sake of stability :). Good luck, mate.

I agree. I just worry about what I would say at that interview. I just accepted a job but really want to come back here? I don’t want to look like a complete job jumper and hope it would not come across that way.

Hi there, mate, I would say that the job you want to come back to is the job that makes you happy and you love working there and such things as that :). I think they would understand when you say you love that position and it would make you a great employee if you are happy going to work every day. Good luck.

Hey. Remember, everything is temporary in the beginning so just take a step back and look at it at a bigger picture.

First, I am the same situation. I've been this job for 8 months now, and I too wake up every day with anxiety and stay up super late cause of my depression. I am, too, looking for a job. I have two jobs kind of offered to me. 1 they really like me and the other, I will start the interview process.

I highly recommend telling the one job offer you accepted already to extend you start date so you have some time to get a feel about the job of your friend. Tell them it is for personal reasons, which it is, so give yourself time to learn about the company that your friend worked at but also have the option to go to the other company if it doesn't turn out what you like at your friend's old company.

Good luck!

I know that I would like my friends job. I worked with her directly as I used to work there. It looks like my start date won’t be until around Aug 20th and that’s as far as I can push it. If I get an interview with the job I want do I just be honest and tell them I accepted a job but really want to work there? Don’t want to burn bridges but don’t want to be left with nothing.

That seems like a great idea. You got this! Keep us posted with the job interview and the process. I hope you can speed up the process with them and get the position at where your friend works.

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