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I had one of the worst anxiety attacks that I have had in a long time last night and this morning it’s still lingering and it has killed my appetite. I had this problem before and lost 30 pounds and was 94lb and I really don’t wanna go there again bc of being afraid to eat and no appetite. Any advice on foods I can easily consume? Every time I eat when I have anxiety I feel like I’m choking.. I need something I can consume that will go right and has a lot of calories.

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Hi there, I suggest full-fat milk and yogurt as they are easy to consume and has a decent amount of calories :) . I hope you are feeling better, stay strong.

Thank you so much

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I agree with you 100%!!!

broth type soups and smoothies

Tropical Smoothie has different types of health smoothies with whey proteins and veggies or fruit. Sorry your anxiety is bad, mine to. Try to distract and be positive as hard as it my seem. Even mediation, exercise and schedule.

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