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Good news and venting ❤️


Hey all,

So I have been calling around today to Medicaid/ACA plans and found out that their open enrollment period in November is only for certain plans and that all other plans are always open for enrollment. This is good news because I have been off of my lexapro now for 3 days, and so far so good, but who knows biology is complicated and although my physical routines help my anxiety and depression now it’s hard to say where I’d be a month or two from now! I currently work 2 jobs, I’m going back for my MFA in the fall, my dad committed suicide a few months ago, and I was next of kin. So there’s a lot of external life stressors, as we all know, that can definitely get in the way of living a happy healthy life.

What I’m trying to get at is if anyone is in a similar boat with needing affordable healthcare here is a solution! You can enroll in medicaid any time and go from there to get your needs fulfilled whether that be prescriptions or therapy etc.

But this leads me to wonder how capable I am without my depression and anxiety meds. I feel good right now, but I’m going to go pick up my prescription as a back up.

Xoxo- CAAC🥒❄️

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If they have been helping you feel better than before you started taking them, and your anxiety and depression are long term, I would talk to your doctor and ask them what they would recommend. Me personally, I take my SSRI's everyday...and I do notice a big difference within about a week. I had to try different ones over the years and the tapering off to start another was hell.

Yes, I should consult my doctor. I wasn’t sure if I could without having insurance though, but now that I have it again I’ll make an appointment!

Also thanks for sharing what you went through it def gives me a more realistic understanding of what could happen.



good luck and glad your getting some professional's always best....


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