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I just joined


I have trouble sleeping at night because it feels like my mind is in over drive. I literally think about anything and everything. In my head, I put myself in different scenarios and think, "what would I do?" While I lay in bed, I think about events that have happened in the past and think how I could of done things differently in that particular event. I just want to shut my mind off sometimes.

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I am with you raesong! I am in the same boat. Cant get more than 5 hours of sleep cuz my mind wakes me up.

Its rough, but I hope you find some relief soon. Wish I had some answers for you

Thank you MollyBear22. This is my first experience with a support group, so I'm hoping to find and meet people who are struggling with the same things I am.

I am sure you will! I've only been here a few days, and found a lot of the support here has lifted my spirits.

I've found plenty of relatable posts and I'm glad I'm not the only one dealing with things. Some have it a lot worse.

Glad you found this community, and I hope you find it useful like I have.... oh! And welcome here 😊


Hello raesong1017!

I also have trouble sleeping, but my mind isn’t racing. It seems like it’s my body that doesn’t want to shut down!

I call what you’re doing, “ruminating” and it’s a very naughty thing to do!! 😉 Thinking about scenarios that occurred in the past or ones you envision in the future are just so counterproductive! The past scenarios cannot be changed and cause us to feel depressed. Why worry about something you cannot change? It’s done, over. Worrying about the future produces anxiety and has not even happened yet! Why worry about something that has not occurred yet? It would help you to figure out a way to stop those thoughts from occurring! You could try distracting yourself (which doesn’t always promote sleep) or replacing the rumination with positive thoughts, listening to your favorite music or soothing music...think about it...I hope you get some sleep!!

I have found that a guided meditation can help calm my mind down. There are several free apps you can download and some meditations are specifically for sleep. This sometimes stops my mind from spiraling and before I know it I’m drifting off

Thank you for the suggestion. It's much appreciated!

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