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How common is relapse in depression after brain injury?


I attend this brain injury group that was set up by a man who had brain injury in 2012 through an unprovoked attack. He’s had tough time coming through it been through depression luckily got through it and set this BI charity up to help others going through same which I attend weekly. I only know what he’s been through from mainly reading about it and hearing bits when he talks about it so don’t know exact details. From me starting going to the group just over a year back he has always came across as happy and positive person and will do anything to help or encourage anyone. Seriously to think what he’s been through can be upsetting but on plus side he’s through it and things have worked out for the best for him and others thanks to him setting the group up.

Last few week he has had a lot on with the charity and staff shortage hasn’t helped anything. If anything there seems to be more going on at the charity now than before which is great and I’m hoping to help more and maybe get a job something the man seems open to. Obviously for more to be happening now with less staff it means the remaining staff have extra to do and the man who set it up is doing pretty much everything. Which considering it’s thanks to him we all are there it is nice to see him more and I get on with him great, but I have noticed last few week he hasn’t been his normal self. He definitely is trying and doing well at keeping everything normal. We have had few more days out and go to allotment each week which is great. In times where we are all there and talking, doing stuff he seems fine. The last few days/weeks 1 day a week at allotment has been the difference in him. Few week back we was there and he was really tired and it was noticeable tho he seemed in good enough mood but did say a few times that he was tired. Week after was the first time he’s ever seemed like he just couldn’t be bothered doing much again seemed in good enough mood but wasn’t helping with stuff like he normally does. Yesterday before we even got there he’d said he wasn’t feeling too well. It sounded like he was just over tired as we had done a 5 mile walk day before (he is used to doing marathons and 20+ mile hill walks) so really for 5 mile to make him tired is surprising. He did seem ok tho and did more like he usually does. I’m wondering if the depression he had before likely to return?

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Hi Keeley, anyone who has had depression is prone to a relapse. This could be depression or another health issue. Do you feel comfortable asking him directly about it?

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Honest answer no tho I am comfortable talking to him about a lot just not more private stuff. I may get round to offering to help and get on about how he’s feeling in that way. I think me wanting job there has probably come at right time.

I had a traumatic brain injury and I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression ever since.

Hi Keeleyi too get Anxiety attacks after brain haemoragh then stroke the seizures most days at present i am ok but today bad I understand d others with the same x xxx hopefully we will all recover

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