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Anxious about work and health


I had surgery recently and have had major stresses related to not being able to be as successful as I once was at work. The field I am in has become hypercompetitive and support for my project has become much harder to come by. This has led to a big decline in my self esteem. As a result I am feeling very anxious and much less enthusiasm to do the work that I used to enjoy tremendously. This has spilled over into virtually every aspect of my life and affected my relationships. A feeling that I am alone in my problems of this makes it all seem a lot worse. Some days are good and others bad.

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Please don’t blame yourself for what you cannot control. You can’t be any more well physically than what body is able to do. It sounds like you need to grieve the loss of your health and the implications of it. Be gentle and accepting of yourself.

i can relate to what you wrote. I was in very demanding position under big stress for years. It was getting worse because of situation at the company, change of owners, culture. I tried and i tried, taking medication not to lose it and be able to handle that. But at the end i had to leave. I am trying to get a simpler job(the same area, but less demanding) and i can not so far. I was on a small project for 2 months which abruptly was over. I am dealing with depression and low self esteem and losing my confidence(which was not too great ever). But i don't lose hope to find what i am looking for, i am making myself to study every day a little, i am learning new applications which are needed.

I am not blaming myself anymore that i could not handle my demanding job, i used to, i used to say that i am weak, and i did not have support from my loved ones. They also felt that i am weak and i have to be able to handle it. Well, i stopped to look back. I want now to try to get something which would give me less stress and which i would still be able to handle. I don't know if i will be able to, but i decided i will do what i can, and the rest-i can not control. I have better days and not so good days. But i am surviving.

Don't judge yourself, be gentle to yourself, try to figure out what to do, if your physical situation is not what it used to be. Adjustments are not easy...but we still can and should adjust. Love and hugs to you.


I also had a successful career but very demanding, my anxiety and panic took over and I had to resign a year ago. I then went into a deep depression. I have since re evaluated what I want to do with my life and am going in a new direction, back to school in a new career field. Use this time to think about what you want to do and have never tried before.

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