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A sunny day in the North Country


Hello from Northern New Hampshire! It's 75 degrees with zero humidity today. As for the weather...…..well, just look for yourself! lol Here's some John Denver to go with it. :)

Your friend,

Brian :)

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Thanks for that Brian....

Anytime Artist! :)

Beautiful pic- and thanks- nothing like the water to inspire peace.

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Thanks! :)

So cool! Enjoy!!

Thanks Blossom! :) It was a peaceful experience :)

I’m so happy to hear so. Really happy! Hope that tomorrow you’re gonna do something so nice again!

Very wonderful by the water- is that a lake or bay area? Glad you were able to visit such a special place.

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It's a lake, Gogo. Near a dam. I should've taken a pic of the dam as well. I was also trying to figure out how to use my tablet to take a pic lol

That looks like quite a lake- that's why I was thinking about a bay- thanks for sharing!

Hope you get out there again this week as well - just to breathe the fresh air.

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