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Rise of The Eagle Union (Part 1)


Hey all! Brian here! I wanted to share some previews of a new game being ready for release called Azur Lane. I'll be posting one a day during this week. If you think it looks interesting, head over to azurlane.yo-star.com/#/ to learn more! This can be a way for us to both fight depression as well have fun in a game environment! :)

First up.....The Eagle Union (aka The US Navy)

Cleveland-class cruiser USS Cleveland - Pennant number CL-55

I am the Cleveland-class' eldest sister. By looking at my name you should've been able to get that.

I participated in the Battle of Renelle Island and the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay, among many others. I've attained 13 battle stars. Certainly, I'm very strong!

Ride the wind and break the waves!

Tomorrow...…………….The Rise of the Sakura Empire!

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Arigato Brian-san! 🈴🈲🈹



Kenichi-wa Lisa-san! :)