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Rock Bottom

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The past two days have been some of the worst. Here’s what’s happened:

1) got fired from my job

2) I have $5.34 to my name.

3) I got disowned by my parents and was told if I ever step foot near their house again I would be arrested.

4) I’m supposed to go on a trip in 2 weeks and my plane ticket is non refundable

5) o haven’t heard from my boyfriend in a week since he is in Ecuador and I feel alone.

6) I haven’t taken my meds in about 3 weeks.

I feel like I have no body and I just got my bills and my rent is due in 12 days..... I feel so unloved and lost... help....

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Hi, I'm sorry that life is so tough for you right now, it's seems true that it never rains but it pours! It's horrible as this situation is maybe this is the right time to change how you have been coping with your life. It sounds like you are unhappy with the way things are now but it doesn't have to continue like this. If you feel you have the strength you could write down a few things you can do right now to be kind and compassionate to yourself. Perhaps a new job or speaking with your landlord and companies you owe money to and explain you will pay but need a little more time. I will send positive thoughts and vibes to you as I know it will all work out ok for you, it sounds like a different approach might be good for you xx

Oh my ! My heart goes out to you!!! You said you stopped your there a reason why? Maybe that has some to do with what's going on. I wish you peace!

Oh man this is really a mess honey...I'm sorry Madysen....I've followed your posts from day one and know the struggles. Is there a reason why you stopped your meds kiddo, because coming off of SSRI's cold turkey can really throw you in a funk....not a good place to be. Did all this stuff mostly happen after you quit your meds. or before? Please keep sharing so you can get support here.

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