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Yuck Day

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Whew! 9:30pm here and I made it through the day. It was tougher than usual probably triggered by a visit from my daughter’s college advisor (family friend helping us navigate the process) and my daughters own anxiety. I slept, worried, and cried all day. So incredibly unproductive and not at all helpful. Then my dogs rolled into something horrible in my back yard and were so proud of their stink. I’m not good at bathing my dogs, but they are small so with my daughter’s help, we got all 3 bathed. However, I broke spray nozzle that extends from faucet head. My boyfriend, who works out of town, said it’s a $250 fix as the whole faucet has to be replaced. Of course this got my anxiety going and I started panicking over money and being able to buy groceries, get the dogs their vaccines, gas my car up, run a/c, pay next months bills, pay my copay for my dentist appointment tomorrow.... it all blew up in my face. I took a Klonopin, took a shower, and ate dinner. I’m back to earth and thinking calmly and clearly. Tomorrow has to be better or else!!!! 💪

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Is it a name brand faucet like delta or Moen? They both offer repair parts for their faucets. I have used both brands and parts service from them was very good. Perhaps you can go that route?

Unless you broke a pipe inside of a wall that has to be opened, and then repaired, and the whole piping had to be replaced...fixing a nozzle spout is no more that a wrench....and a new nozzle...unless it's gold plated , isn't going to cost more than 20.00 at the most. We do all our own home repair...and I know that's a ridiculous price. Shop around if you have to have someone come and do it for you, should be no more than 60.00 for their time...and really....google it, youtube it...it's a very simple fix normally.

I couldn’t find brand name anywhere on it, but I’m sure it’s a Moen. It’s the tall swan neck kitchen faucet that the sprayer pulls out of the actual faucet so it’s all one unit. The braiding or fabric like part that is attached by a metal part is what is leaking/spraying. I wish I was good with home repairs so I wouldn’t panic. Your replies were very reassuring. Thank you so much! I’m going to research it now.

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