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Zoloft/ Sertraline


Is anyone here on this anti-depressant/anxiety drug? I started on it last week, very low dose and Dr will up it in another week... If you have (or are still) on this Rx did you have any problems adjusting to it?? Granted I was down before I started it, but the last 4 days have felt nauseated, weak, and have had diarrhea. Could you please share your experiences with me...good or...not so good. Thank you, I appreciate any input. Take care!

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I was the same way when I started it but after a week or two on it, my body adjusted and I felt great.


Been on it for twenty years. I had to switch to it from a different ssri. I never had any reactions or symptoms from it. If anything it worked much better than my previous medication. The doctors today start you off on a low dose to lesson the risk of suicidal thoughts or actions. That way they gauge how you are reacting to the medicine. The other symptoms you are experiencing could just be anxiety related to you worrying something might happen from starting the medicine. I hope this helps set your mind at ease. Please be patient it takes weeks for it to build up in your system before you see the full benefits of the medication. Stay strong.

hi I have been on sertraline now for just over 2 years, I started at 50mg and for the first 2 weeks I actually felt worse, sleepy no appetite for the first week at least I had to force myself to eat, dizzy and pretty much like I was in another world! I also had what I call bowling balls in my head and I just sat and slept! But 2 years on and if I miss a few days I can really feel it, im now on 15omg daily and they help me feel sane but do take away most emotion and apart from a bad day I actually don't cry! Don't have any caffeine - I cant drink coke and alcohol can have different effects on different people - I can have a few but I know when times up. But you can have some serious strange almost scary dreams - I have never had such weird ones!! Im happy on mine but at the beginning I also had Phenergan the antihistamine liquid as it dopes you up and calms you down at 15ml 3 times daily or 50mg at night but don't expect to feel alive in the morning!! take care and if I can help just shout Lisa

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