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Unable to eat

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I am a very big eater and I love food. But after the betrayal, I’m just unable to eat... the sight of food makes me nauseas. I’m extremely hungry but when I attempt to eat, I suddenly feel sick. I have anxiety medication which I have to take but I need to eat in order to take them but I can’t eat so now I’m this irritable, bundle of nerves. ..any suggestions as to what I could eat that wouldn’t make me nauseas or why I feel nauseas

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Would you be able to drink a protein / meal replacement shake? You need to have something. If you don't take care of your physical needs, the issue carry over to your mental side. It sounds like you are already going through enough there.

Soup might also help..

I would eat dry toast for nausea. I also use papaya enzyme tablets (natural supplement) for upset stomach.

The protein shake sounds like a good idea. I’ll try that. Thank you

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Bananas are good for nausea. They are also good for calming the nerves.

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Will try eating a banana, thanks Jimmy

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Any time Slinkyyyyy.

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When I found out my husband wanted a divorce back in Feb, I couldn’t eat anything either, my Dr suggested protein shakes. I gave them a try and I’m still drinking them👍🏻They’re called Odwalla..I like the Chocolate and Strawberry! I hope you can drink them, your body desperately needs the nutrients..Sending you positive vibes and hugs..

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Going to check out the different types of protein shakes today. Thank you for the positivity and hugs 🌸

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Excellent idea.

Perhaps try a food that’s non-reactive to nausea. I find Saltine crackers help when I have nausea. When I take my umpteen daily meds, I have to take them with food or I’ll throw up taking them on an empty stomach. A couple of crackers along with the pills helps me.

Maybe give them a try. Just start with one or two at first?

Good luck,


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I actually have saltine crackers in the cupboard. Will try them this morning. Thanks MrZee

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My pleasure. Good luck. I hope they help.



What about a protein drink? Like muscle milk.

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Will add that to my list and check that out as well. Thanks

Ginger biscuits with your meds?

That was me, I was scared that I would end up in the hospital and make my situation worse. Try Mitazapine, I feel this has gotten my anxiety somewhat under control and I'm able to eat. You don't have to eat with this medication.

Will check it out. Thanks 🌸

I've lived with a difficult stomach for years and have done research. I'll share with you what helps me: papaya (I've tried eating it fresh and canned but don't like it, so I get dried papaya at the health food store, and I always keep a supply of papaya tablets which I also get there). Ginger tea or ginger ale. Peppermint or spearmint tea (I don't like the taste alone, so I put in some black tea with it). Fruit and raw vegetables. I eat yogurt for lunch every day and take a probiotic every morning. Now here's the strange one with no backing: chocolate chip cookies. I don't know what it is about them, but when I feel sick, I eat one or two, and it makes me feel better. I don't keep them on hand because I'm trying to stay away from sugar.

I have found that oyster crackers help me with nausea more than the regular saltines do. But even better is the over-the-counter medication Nauzene. They are chewable tablets that can be found anywhere other digestive aids (e.g. Pepto Bismol) are sold and are inexpensive, about $5 for a box of them. No need to take them with food. Hope you find something that helps you!

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