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Heart problem or anxiety???


Ive noticed my heartrate goes over 160 when im stressed and anxious and panicking. Is this normal??? I went to the E.R and they did a ekg and everything turned out fine and did a chest xray but they said im fine and good. Im seeing a cardiologist soon because i heard thats not normal but then again i heard its normal during anxiety attacks and panic attacks?????

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Just today i watched a video on that from Dr. Gubta of YorkCardiology and if you are young it is probably anxiety and old maybe heart problems. THE heart in panic mode can withstand anxiety without any problem which is a comfort.

I’ve suffered from chest pain due to persistent panic attacks. I got an ekg as well and they said my heart didn’t have any problems. It was just a side effect from the anxiety but if you are concerned and can see a cardiologist and it will make you feel better then why not

That’s how I was diagnosed with anxiety. I had a panic attack at work many years ago. Fortunately, I worked in a hospital and they did a complete work up given my family history of cardiac disease. Physically, I was well and sought help with a therapist and psychiatrist to manage.

I’ve had an increase in anxiety lately due to family issues. Even given my history of anxiety, my PCP still evaluated my heart to rule out any physical problems. Once you know what your “anxiety” feels like it makes it easier to identify in the future.

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