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Flight anxiety


Hello all my friends... that's exactly what I need right now. I am terrified of flying, and I am very aware of the logic behind the facts of safety. However, when anxiety and irrational thoughts seep in, logic cannot play a factor. I haven't visited my home in 2 years due to fear of travelling, especially by plane. I've taken the leap to get on a plane in a week, and I am nervous. I think about it every day, and stress. I need your help, any mighty, motivational words would be helpful. Anything that I can look back on in a week when this thing really hits me... thank you in advance!

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I’m very similar.

I too will be flying again this year

I have family overseas and have to if I wish to see them.

Each time I struggle with it,

I do know the thought of it is worse than the doing it, because the imagination runs wild.

I use a herbal remedy for flying from herbal shop and seems to help.

I used to get medication from gp to take prior to flight to help, although don’t do that now.

I very recently traveled by plane, I was anxious although did it, it really wasn’t as bad as the thoughts prior to it.i talked myself into the attitude of what will be will be and it helped,

Sorry I’m not a great help, your not alone, it will be ok,


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What is the herbal remedy?

Get a prescription for a mild tranquilizer from your doctor. Ativan is a good one. Take it 15 minutes before takeoff and you will be fine.

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