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Am I really not alone?


Hello to whoever takes time to read my post. I battle with sometimes feeling anxious or down to the point where functioning takes motivation. I get obsessive with my partner and my emotions seem to dictate my life for over a year now. I joined this looking for someone to talk to... listen to...and hopefully give and get some emotional support to further help put these feelings in the past!

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Hello Love142,

You are not alone by any means. I can relate to a lot of what you are talking about.

I too have a partner of many years. Fortunately he puts up with my constant worrying (I told him I’m a worrier years ago when we met).

I too battle anxiety and feel down... especially when I’m at home feeling lonely and craving human interaction but my fear keeps me from being a social joiner.

With that I’m also glad to have found this site. That way I can communicate with others that have similar challenges in life.

I think you’ll find this site helpful especially with being able to relate to others while feeling empathy.




Nope, not alone at all.


Im exactly the same. I have plans for the day - but I seem to procrastinate so much I never get much done.


Hi! Yes you are not alone. That is the same reason why I joined. I have been dealing with this for longer than I thought. I was able to manage for years on end but have my downfalls too. I just happen to be going thru the down side now. Hopefully you can at least have hope that this feeling is just a feeling and it can pass with help and time and more.

I hope you kinda understand where I'm coming from. My #1 thing that is working for me is to be open and honest. There are alot of support here. ☺

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