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Proud of me

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It's not much, but today i could manage my emotions normally. I have a transportation pass to go to work since i live far away from my workplace, and it's the beginning of the month i had no Money and when i went to check in the machine the amount of money i had in my transportation pass wasn't enough. I could have freaked out cause i'd miss a day at work, but instead i walked good Miles on my way to the bus stop ( i Live in the middle of nowhere) i took the bus, didn't call my father to pick me up, i simply mantained calm and then talked to my manager and explained the situation. As i Said is not much, but usually i would totally freak out and have no reaction. But my anxiety did not get in the way. I could even watch Brazil's game beside my beloved ones. 😊

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Yess cheers to you, you did great

They beat Mexico.

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Hahahaha a proud Brazilian today!



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My brother in law is Brazilian. He has the football jersey and the flag hanging up in his house.

That is awesome that you were able to handle the situation without panicking. With that calm mind you were still able to make it to work.

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