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Has anyone ever dealer with consistent panic attacks?

I would just like to hear people’s thoughts on this topic. I’ve felt more prone to them recently or just having tightness in the chest, which leads to small anxiety attacks. I’m just curious if anyone knows that if I am more vulnerable to having them frequently after going through a bad one? Because I feel like that has been happening

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Hello, the trick to getting past panic attacks is to realize that nothing is going to happen to you. I know, I know... easier said than done. It works. I'm proof. It takes a while for them to go away, but you will start to see them lessen over time.

You're having them more frequently because your mind is in panic mode. Change your thoughts to stop the panics.

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Thank you for your response. Yeah that is kind of what I told myself beforehand that I am mainly having them or feeling tense because I keep myself concerned about whether or not I should get one again.

I had my thyroid levels checked 3 months ago and they were good. So I’m trying to tell myself that it is just stress


Getting cleared by a doctor always makes us feel better. Keep that in mind as you work on your panic attacks. Best of luck!


I’ve been struggling a bit more recently with panic attacks. I’ve been trying to separate “me” from my panic attacks...if that makes any sense. They are a lie that I won’t let win! When I feel one coming on I have been trying to really focus on the fact that the thoughts and feelings that come with them are not reality-and that I am strong enough to push them out. It’s a Work in progress but I’m pushing through. Good luck!


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