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Anxiety from guilt

Yesterday I had a bad anxiety attack at work. My daughter called, and was discussing things I find upsetting- not about me or her, but an upsetting topic. She was also very judgemental regarding this person -she tends to be that way. What she was saying reminded me of myself when I was at my lowes point using cocaine - long before I got help for my bipolar and anxiety disorder.

I ended up taking a sick day from work to rest, and sort my thoughts out. I think when she calls and talks about this person and how awful she is,I will tell her I really can't t listen to this, and the person question should be in rehab and work with a psychiatrist/psychologist.

I can't discuss this with my younger daughter as she is very far removed from that time in my life; the daughter i had during that turbulent time died of cancer almost 4years ago. I could discuss this with her - she had her own struggles as well and was my best friend .

I suppose I really needed to vent. I haven't touched cocaine since 1992,and I quit drinking in 1994. I am very greatful for the mental health coverage i have; if only this was available before 2008! Meds have truly been a godsend for my emotional control.

Thank you for listening

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I can relate. I find it hard to handle most topics and get rather irritated. I take Urbanol for anxiety but scared I may gett addicted to taking pills that calm me down and that's the last thing I need. I find it hard to talk face to face as well.

I need a recovery partner too.

We are here to listen and appreciate the fact you are willing to be open.


Thank you


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