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I have horrible crippling anxiety. With a bit of OCD (no not the cleaning kind) the kind where I have one thought and it causes so much more than that. It causes a huge panic attack because I start to overthink it TO the max. I hit my head on Monday and it wasn’t too hard but have had headaches since then and I have been worried about a brain bleed (BECAUSE of my anxiety.) I can’t sleep at night because I’m scared of not waking up the next morning. It sucks overthinking everything. I don’t know what to do, it honestly it taking over my life always feeling like I’m gonna die or overthinking everything. I also think me being slightly fat affects my mental health so I need to start being healthier. I am just so tired of this constant battle

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Hi Pinklady99, I have had the same problem several times. But it usually happens when I'm under a lot of stress. I read a book called Adrenaline & Stress by Dr. Archibald Hart. From what I read, it has to do with cortisol levels, and the fight or flight syndrome. This is usually caused by some trauma or abuse in your past. Your body has learned to look at everything as a danger that you have to fight or flee from.

What helps me is learning how to relax, therefore lowering my cortisol. I drink Tension Tamer Tea, practice breathing exercises (that I learned from a yoga DVD), I totally avoid caffeine and processed foods, and try to eat as natural as I can, and drink lots of water, get exercise and sunshine, and find something productive to work on.

Also the book Rethink How You Think by Dr. David Stoop was a huge help. It shows how our emotions follow our thinking, and teaches you how to change your thought patterns. Change Your Brain, Change Your Life by Daniel Amen is a good book also.

I understand!! I’m the same exact where, however now instead of things happening and fixate on them, I also have an irrational fear that I’m going to die ... even when nothing has happened! I OBSESS OVER IT. It’s really such a bummer. But!!!!! It’s just fear! It’s just anxiety! I sit here and say this and wish I could take my own advice because I know it’s true what I’m saying to you! But anxiety is a real bitch and sometimes it doesn’t click. I’ve stared walking at night, making sure I hit my step count and I always drink water. I’m heavier as well. Stay away from things such as coffee, iced tea, soda, etc. Eat fruits, walk!! It may not feel like it’s having an effect at first but it will soon. I promise. Reach out if you ever want to talk ❤️

I have GAD and depression and PTSD.YES, it does feel as if we are crippled by all this..

I have a sister-in-law who has very similar concerns to what you are describing.

A good doctor, nurse practiyioner,practitioner, could help you more than you can

Sorry. Bad typing!

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