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Always feeling unwell


Hi, there's something wrong with me all the time, I feel like I wang to cry, I feel fed up and just want to be normal and focus on things I want to do without the fear of something wrong.

Right now, these past few weeks,

Pressure in my ears, my head sometimes hymns or buzzes, my ears crackle and feel like something in them, mild sinus pressure, tension headaches that come and go, each time my back of the nose pressure builds up or ear pressure, my anxiety levels go sky high.

I feel unable to think sometimes, like my head hurts trying to think, so I easily stutter or don't get the words right, and then get tension in my scalp and jaw aches.

I always feel tired, fatigued, anxious, on and off, just going for a ride on the bike makes me feel anxious.

Is this common with anxiety and depression?

I've finished a stronger dose of nasal steroid spray because doctor said there's a lot of fluid in my ear and beleived my sinuses may be inflamed so prescribed me for the second time some sprays, but I never felt better, there's always something.

These feelings go worse during these times of the year from spring and summer and ease down a little in autumn and winter. Although feel down in winter because it rains a lot.

Some days are worse than others. What's scary is that light headed feeling that comes out of the blue, volume goes down, light headed, feel like I'm going to faint. I could just be sat watching tv or something then it comes.

When I wake up in the morning I get tension headaches, that anxious feeling like something bad is about to happen, feel like I don't want to get up. Feel like i want to stay in bed.

I'm stuck in a boring job, a family run farm, I'm 29 and find my life boring, but afraid to get out of my comfort zone fearing something bad will happen, just want it to go away. I see time flying past so fast, it scares me.

All winter I posponed a lot of things because I was waiting for my lower left side to stop hurting, I always had a mild discomfort, and poo problems's much less now.

Saw a doctor about it who did a urine and blood test and didn't seem to concern about it, both were normal.

Before then, pain in my left leg and numbness in the feet. Was told my muscles were tight and recommended excercises.

It's much less now but sometimes it comes back. it comes out of the blue, with feelings of tension and anxiety.

It's a horrible feeling when driving or on top of a ladder and your foot feels numb.

My muscles and joints feel tired and stiff all the time, always some ache pain stiffness or discomfort.

I had multiple blood tests, all normal.

Went to a&e 2 years ago, because of my head pressure and feeling light headed and faint, chest xray and blood tests were normal.

Had an eye test and was given glasses, optemetrist didn't find anything serious, just my brain concentrates more on one eye than the other.

My eyes still feel hot, sometimes goes blurry even when anxious or going on a long bike ride.

I feel down, fed up of feeling like this, feel embarassed going to the gp again, feel like a nuisance to everyone, feeling that it's more than anxiety even though it might be. and don't know what to do.

I look online for ways to naturally deal with it, but end up feeling panicky reading cancer or tumor scare stories or similar matching symptoms.

I always feel there is something wrong, something undiagnosed.

I've had CBT for generalised and social anxiety and mild depression, because doc. thought my head bumps acne and itchy nipple may be stress related. (Can you be stressed from feeling fed up? Even if you're not a hard worker or have all the bills and stuff piled up on you?)

...the CBT helps likea guide book, but that's about it. Deep breathing helps for a while, yoga helps too, but it soon creeps up on me.

If I go to town, I always put my wallet somewhere where it can't be seen should the worse come or that feeling I had 2 years ago in my head comes back.

I try to ignore this as much as I can, but unable to, as soon as a symptom comes up, I replay an episode in my wandering mind of me explaining my symptoms to a doctor, it's like I've gone obsessed with every symptom. I feel sometimes my mind is playing with me or I'm going crazy, and unable to think for myself as to what's real and what's not.

There are some things I want to do, get out of my comfort zone, but feel like I'm being stopped by intimidating sensations and feelings of aches pains head pressure light headed deelings, and so on. I just want to be normal.

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yes...a lot of what your described is common with anxiety and depression. However, it's best to get diagnosed properly by a Lic. therapist and have a complete physical work up by your doctor to rule out any health issues that could be adding to your anxiety and depression. It's kind of a vicious circle for many with health anxiety issues to determine what are fears and what are some physical health issues.



To me, you sound like you’re depressed. I have a lot of aches, pains, physical symptoms, and overly focusing on them when I’m depressed.

Extreme anxiety can cause one to feel faint, but so can a low blood pressure or heart rate. If you’ve been to your GP, they would have picked up on either one of these problems if you had them.

You sound to me like you have anxiety and depression. Do you see a Psychiatrist for your mental health? If not, I would recommend doing so. He/she may want to put you on medication. By the way...we’ll never be, “normal” but we can strive for a balanced as possible life. It takes a village...

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