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This is the first time joining an online group even though I've been diagnosed since I was twenty. I just turned fifty and I would really like to find a way to work, to be productive, for at least a few hours a week. That and control my binging, which has led to being fairly overweight, which is a big reason I can't leave the house by myself very much. My anxiety stems from being afraid of being judged and being afraid of doing something wrong. When my husband is with me I feel grounded and can face a crowd, but, of course he can't always be there. I've had thirty years of pharmacological therapy (I'm on five drugs for my head currently), thirty years of talk therapy (mostly cognitive), hospitalized twice, a bunch of partial hospital programs, ect, relaxation, hypnotherapy, light therapy, meditation, diet restrictions, scented oils, supplements, and on and on. Right now I'm tired. I know I have to keep looking for something that will help, which is why I'm trying reaching out to you all. But I'm tired. I just want a screwdriver and a bag of chips (neither of which I am allowed).

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Sorry you have been on all of these drugs. Have they done any good also what kind of work have you done? You're right- being productive even when volunteering can really help. I hope also that you contact your pc doc about weight as well. Good luck!

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Thanks for your reply. The drugs are working as well as they ever have, meaning half of the issues are under control. There's always something about my mental illness that keeps me from fully functioning. Its like playing wack-a-mole, but instead of a mallet its meds. As for the weight, just like depression and anxiety, I've tried everything under the sun. I keep both my psychiatrist and my internal med physician apprised of anything I do for my wt. since it could effect my meds.

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