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Hi all,

I've been on and off with anxiety/depression for maybe about 3 years now. It's affected me in a multitude of ways- I've been able to overcome it at times but it seems to be back again. I want to sleep a lot, I tend to sleep really early...even if I wake up in the morning I still want to stay in bed. Today was probably one of the hardest days because I had a nightmare last night and I usually have them often when I experience anxiety and I feel like crying for absolutely no reason today.....Sooooo yeah that's me and my mood in a gist today. How do you cope with this random mood/need to cry?

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Do you take medicine? I went through a period where I was just sad all the time and cry for no reason. It was awful. I couldn't understand why. I went to my dr and I needed my medication upped some. I still have the depression and anxiety. But I'm not as sad and the crying is gone. So it might be just a mess adjustment for some of it.🤔

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I've never taken any medication before though I'm wondering if I should? I wanted to try therapy or yoga? I kinda want to steer clear and have that as a last resort but as of lately I've been contemplating if I should just get on meds. Crying randomly is not fun at all.

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No it sure isn't. If u can get on the right medication it can help in alot of ways. I've been off and I always come back to the mess. I'm alot better and in control more. But each person has there own way. I hope you find something that is right for you.

Hello I do the same thing just cry for no reason at all, I guess it's part of my depression. And since you mentioned having bad dreams or unwanted dreams I have almost every night I wonder if it's from the medication, I would wake up in the middle of the night and I find myself talking away from my dreams, sometimes I'm laughing away just so much stuff going on in my head, too much!

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I can't seem to decipher if it's from my anxiety because I know when it's really bad I can't stay asleep the entire night or I'll have nightmares, and its the ugliest feeling. Started taking melatonin to see if it would help keep me asleep but I wake up too groggy.

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Try drinking some Chamomile tea or another kind of tea to relax you before going to bed. go a a health food store there's many different kinds to choose from. What's the dose of melatonin are you takin, cause that shouldn't make you drowsy unless you're taking a high, my 11 years old grandson takes melatonin for steeping and his been taking it for a while.

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