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Excessive sweating😌

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Hi all! Good morning. Does anyone suffer with the side effect excessive sweating from a medication? I'm taking pristiq and I'm taking oxybutnin to help with the sweating but it doesn't even help at all. My hair is still drenched from an hour ago!! I cannot live like this. In sweating in every area there is sweat glands which unfortunately are everywhere!!! Please any advice would be really great! Thank you in advance😀😌😌😌

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I know the sweating is embarrassing. Does having lots of fans around help at all ? Are the sweats more like a hot flash or is it constant ? I am not on the medication that you are but I have been an excessive sweating person most of my life. I have found that dressing in layers helps. I have found that antiperspirants make it worse so I stick with a deodorant. From my limited research daily intake of apple cider vinegar and honey is supposed to help.(2 teaspoons of ACV and 2 teaspoons of honey) Also sage tea is supposed to help. This tea sounds yummy starwest-botanicals.com/pro... - I have ordered herbs from Starwest and always gotten a good product.

Sorry that you have to deal with it. It does not sound fun. Sending cooling dry breezes from New Mexico! (I wonder if a dehumidifier would help at all ? It is so dry here that I sweat much less than when I lived in a more humid climate.)

hugs and prayers


Thanks for the message cause I feel so alone with this issue!! Its soooo embarrassing I can't leave my condo until it has stopped and it ruins my hair everyday!! Unbearable!! I too live in the heat which is the worst but really awesome when winter!! I love it down here after living in Washington state 40 miserable years. I just moved to st george utah from Las Vegas. Just as hot here but much prettier!! I just use deodorant too that I keep in my purse. Layers of clothing would make me sweat way worse cause I would sweat even more unfortunately. I too drink acv. Tastes awful but good for you. Ill have to try it with honey if it will help. Acv helps with so many things I was amazed! The good thing is that my new psych nurse will help me get off the pristiq. He's been so wonderful in getting me on great meds. Oh the sweating is the worst after my shower which drives me crazy. But on hot days like today I have to stay inside cause to me 90 feels like 110. Lol. Thankfully my mom and I are going to sand hollow lake on Tuesday!! That will feel so wonderful. The water is 80 degrees!! Ill have to try the tea if its not expensive cause being on disability I can't afford anything so yeah between air conditioner and fans I try to survive!! Thanks for taking the time to write!!!

Hi Lovedogs! Good to read you! I used to have severe sweating problem but I think mine was due to anxiety, not meds. I had to bring an extra shirt to work with me it was so bad so I hear ya , really not fun. I hope you can find something that works. I assume ptistiq is working well so you don’t want to go of it?

Hiya starrlight😀😀 I'm sorry you dealt with it too! Its the worst to deal with. The sweating causes me even more anxiety. Mine might be causing it but the first side effect of pristiq is excessive sweating! Ugh!!😌😌 It does work well but my Dr will get me off it. Then I can stop the oxybutnin too. That will be great!!! This guy I see is wonderful beyond words!! How r u?

Glad your doc is so great!!! 👍 you deserve the best. I’m all over the place with ups and downs like mad. But could be worse. I wish I could have motivation, passion, to write and paint and such but instead I just try to make it through the day. Oh well I’ll not give up hope. What things are you up to?

I know what you mean about ups and downs. I feel the same way. Depressed today. I've taken 3 sleep aids just hoping to take a nap so I can shut my brain off. You have a lot of talent if you write and paint. Sounds great for you!! That's really cool!!! I'm never doing anything due to anxiety controlling my life destroying me on a daily basis. I'm taking new pill that helps a lot tho. Still have a bit of anxiety tho. Like you said I'm trying not to give up hope!! My psych nurse is great. He can get me a reduced cost on my CNA classes and he can get me a job when I'm ready to go back to work. In amazed at how cool he is versus the Dr I had in Vegas.

Your psych nurse does sound amazing. Someone is looking after you. I like to think our angels are helping us with things.

I totally agree!! God has saved me millions of times especially during my 25 years of addiction and horrible alcoholism!! I'm grateful everyday to be sober!! I think our angles do help us with a lot in life absolutely💝😀😎🙏

So great! God has helped me so much as well. I used to feel so close to Him. Lately I feel not worthy so it’s hard to accept gifts from God but am aware and working on it. Why wouldn’t God want to be close with us and help us? I need to forgive myself.

Oh starrlight God is close to us. Your such a wonderful, caring and kind person I just wish you were able to see it!! I think we're all hard on ourselves but I just wish you could know that your super sweet and feel good about how we all see you!! I think its really hard for us to see that we're all good ppl we just can't see it which is devastating. I pray He is with me daily and if I have hard days its hard to believe that God is with me. Gods with you starrlight I truly believe that with my whole ❤!!!

Yes He is with us both always and is guiding us I believe. I forgave myself and am working on accepting myself now. Thanks for your sweet words. Have a good day! 💕

Sure you have a beautiful day too😀😀

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I agree. The sweating i gotten from my medicine gave me so much anxiety and made my job experience unpleasant while i was new and still training. One time at work i thought i was gonna pass out because of all my anxiety i gotten from sweating.

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lovedogs51511 in reply to Vonnah

I agree! My whole head is wet. Just got out and dried hair. Now its soaked. Looks like crap and I refuse to go outside! Plus its going to be 103 which forget it no way! I can't do that heat while taking this pill. Dr is going to get me off it soon thankfully cause this is beyond unbearable! Nobody should have to live like this!! Hope your doing good😀

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Vonnah in reply to lovedogs51511

I'm sorry your going through all that! I hope your doctor takes you off that really fast.

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lovedogs51511 in reply to Vonnah

Omg so do I!!! Life is hell living with this! Plus living in the 100 degree heat. Ugh

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Hi starlight,lovedog55

I'm also struggling from excessive facial sweating due to anxiety. I tried lots of techniques breathing ,yoga,meditation but none of them work for me. Facial sweating is really embarissing and noticeable and it killing me every day. Its started affect my daily activity...Do you find any remedy

I get night sweats. My pillow case will be wet. I just started taking Abilify which has made it worse. That is the only time I sweat more than usual. I make it as cold as I can in my room but it really doesn't help.

I'm sorry you deal with it too. Its beyond frustrating. Thanks for sharing cause I always feel alone with this cause I've never seen anyone sweat like I do. It just pours off my head. Its truly unbearable. When medication causes it it sux. I'm stopping the pristiq my Dr said. So I'm so thrilled about that. Hoping to just sweat when its hot out and that's it. I make it cold in my condo at night too So I can sleep too.

Mine may have started with Lexapro. It makes me thirsty so maybe it also causes the sweating. The Abilify is wrecking my sleep. I just started it so I'm going to give it more time.

The side effects from medications can be horrible. I sure hope the ability works out for you!!! I can never get any sleep but I think the sleep aids I took an hour ago are working. Have an awesome day Marshall64😀😎

Hi lovedogs51511, I think my sweating is side effects of medication. I carry a paper Chinese type fan in my purse and take something to drink everywhere. I sweat mainly around my neck and my head. And it's awful. I am past menopause but my dr continues to say it's menopausal. He's nuts. Lol. I've been in the grocery store, met someone I knew, talked to them and scooted to the freezer section. I literally sat on the floor and management freaked out. They got me water and I guzzled it down. I have a ceiling fan and another fan on me at all times at home. I do have back problems besides depression etc so I can't be on my feet too long. I haven't worn long sleeves or socks in about 5 years. I have gained weight but this is just crazy so I know exactly what you mean. I also have cooling towels. You soak them with cold water, wring them out and wrap them around your neck. I use them when I do housework.

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Hidden in reply to Marshall64

Could you take your Abilify in the morning?

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Marshall64 in reply to Hidden

I have tried both but get the same effect. I'm just hoping my body adjusts to the Abilify.

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Hidden in reply to Marshall64

I used to take it and it really worked well for me. I took it at night and had no insomnia. I did, however, have daytime sleepiness.

Lol I am just like you!! I keep a huge bottle of water and ice fiji water on me I constantly refill and freeze with me, use every fan at home, I keep deodorant and sweat rag in my purse! Its a total nightmare isn't it. I've used the freezer too lol. I had a Dr in Vegas that was as nuts as can be! He wrote bad checks to casinos and hit on his staff!! Totally nuts funny cause he was a psychiatrist!!! Lol. I lived in Vegas So I guess its the perfect place to be crazy!!! I now live in southern utah. I'm only 2 hours away from Vegas where I just moved from 2 months ago. I loved the ppl there but the 110 degrees days DEFINITELY not!!! Lol. It's going to be 108 here in st george utah in a week!! I'm staying indoors like every other day with the air conditioner!!! I've also used the freezer to try and cool off. I've also gained weight. That's a huge problem for me. I gained 80 pounds. I am now 220!!! Omg I hate it! Plus I'm trying to quit smoking and freaking out about gaining another 80!! I'm about to lose my mind!! I'm so happy you took the time to write to me cause I don't feel sooo alone with this!!! I truly appreciate it and I'm so sorry you have to deal with it and the back pain too!! Anytime you want to chat I'm always on here!!

I was on Effxor and that made me sweat so much. I am not on it now and i switched.

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I really wish I had some meaningful advice, but sadly, I do not. I sweat excessively due to the anti-depressant, Cymbalta. I have read here that others sweat due to hypothyroidism and I have that too. The Cymbalta helps my depression, so I put up with it! When I have my hair up in a bun, it becomes soaking wet! Eww!!

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lovedogs51511 in reply to Hidden

Omg I know what you mean my head is soaked right now due to cleaning my condo. This is the 2nd time today that I could ring the sweat out!!! I feel like you ewww!!! Lol. I've also taken cymbalta. I think I sweat with that too. I had no emotions on that. It was super weird. I'm taking pristiq which does wonders for depression but it makes me sweat horribly!! It causes me even more anxiety plus I'm taking another pill to cope with the sweating. And its still horrific. Doesn't help that I'm living in the high desert in southern utah. I'm sorry you have to deal with it too. Wish there was a cheap cure for excessive sweating! Ugh. Hope you have a blessed day.

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You too!


The excessive sweating occur due to certain codition.i strongly suggest you to get an appointment with a doctor first to ensure that your medical condition is ookay(Blood pressure,sugar level and thyroid function) .its generally seen that people who have thyroid and increased sugar level may sweat more than normal people . After the medical check you can comes to conclusion whats the actual root cause of the sweating..If it is anxiety related I would suggest to have an appointment with therapist

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