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Valerian Root

Does anyone here find valerian root helpful during anxious times or panic attacks? I’ve heard it’s a sleep aid but can be calming.

Also does anyone know of any other natural products that are calming but aren’t sedating so I can take it before work? I was thinking of kava but a woman I know who owns a nutrition store said she wouldn’t recommend it but I’ve also heard great stuff about it.

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I tried it years ago for sleeping, but found it made me sleepy and anxious at the same time.


I don't think Valerian works. I didn't feel any calmer when I took it.


It made me more anxious


I am not sure it is strong enough for panic attacks but we have found l-theanine to be helpful for calming. It is a supplement but it comes from green tea. I always get the 200mg pills. I have not tried valerian. I have also found Holy Basil to be sedating. I hope this helps some.

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